Toluca Lake, California

My family and I had a 6-week old kitten that was fun, active, loved to cuddle with everyone. All of a sudden, he wasn't feeling well Tuesday morning, so I decided to take him to the Banfield in the Brea CA location. Dr. ** was the doctor who helped my kitten. While the doctor was asking us questions about his health, the kitten was eating and walking around like he was his old self - which made us happy. Dr. ** tested him for Giardia (bacteria) and he gave us some medicine for the kitten to cure the bacteria. He told us that he was a little underweight and to make sure he is eating enough to put more weight on him. It got expensive, so we decided to go with the Wellness Plan because it costs less. The nurse in the front desk said, "You can cancel anytime before 4 days."

I brought my kitten home and gave him his dose of medicine that Dr. ** gave us. Probably a couple hours later, my poor little kitten was in so much pain! He was crying so much, he couldn't get up at all. I was freaking out and worried! Questioning whether to take him back to the vet, I called the vet and talked to the doctor. I told him what was going on with my kitten. All he said was, "Oh, the medicine is most likely kicking in," that he is probably experiencing some abdominal pain. He said not to worry and to bring him back to the clinic in the morning if we felt we needed to. My poor kitten was in so much pain, crying and couldn't walk. It was so heartbreaking. I kept on praying that he would be better soon.

An hour after talking to the doctor, I tried to hold him in my arms to make him feel better. After 10 minutes, he seemed a bit better because he was quiet. But that wasn't the case. My poor kitten died in my arms because he couldn't handle the pain. The past two days, my family and I have been grieving over his loss. I am still crying over him because I lost him so quick. Now after all this happened, what I want know is what happened to my kitten? My thoughts are: Did the doctor kill my kitten by over medicating him? Was it the wrong medicine? Could he have done more? How can a kitten, a day before this, be so happy and so playful, then the next day die in my arms? Something is wrong here! Or did the doctor misdiagnose him? I really don't understand?

I am furious! I went back to the vet first thing in the morning to get a better understanding. All they can say was, "Oh, I'm sorry." That's it? No questions or concerns. Very upsetting! I then wanted to cancel my Wellness Plan, but they gave me a phone number to call the wellness center to cancel. She said, "We don't cancel here." My family lost a family member. I want an expert to find out what exactly happened to my kitten! I want Banfield corporate to know this because I've noticed after reading reviews from customers that they didn't like Dr. **. I am very angry and concerned. If you can find me a better answer, please I need to know so I can pass this grieving. Never again at Banfield!

Their response was nothing and they took my money. This all happened within a few hours.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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uhm... maybe instead of praying to God you should´ve taken the kitten to a real vet!! God is not gonna magically pump the poison out of your kittens tummy!

Also 6 weeks is VERY young for a kitten to be rehomed alone! 8 Weeks is the earliest I would ever give away any of mine!


Your cat probably died from an allergic reaction to the antibiotic since the reaction was so immediate. If your cat was having an allergic reaction to antibiotics, clavamox would most likely be the culprit out of any other antibiotic used.

I had a beautiful silver persian die on me from anaphylactic shock from clavamox. I am a vet tech.

Sorry for your loss. I hope this gives you answers on what happened and some closure.

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