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15 week old puppy injured leg. Banfield xrayed said it wasn't broke and that the elbow needed to be reset. Stated they tried but pop right back out. Vet said she would try again although she didn't think it would stay. Well it didn't. So she said she would splint it to protect it and refer us to specialist.

Went to different hospital. I am quoting word for word from report.

Salter Harris type IV fracture of her left distal humerus. THIS IS WHY PREVIOUS ATTEMPTS TO REDUCE THE LUXATION WERE NOT EFFECTIVE.This fracture is one that involves trauma to the growth plate at the end of the humerus. Damage to the growth plate a this age will most likely cause premature closure of the growth plate and her bone will stop growing. Long term this will cause growth deformity, and because this fracture involves the surface of the bone at the joint will put her at risk of developing arthritis . The joint will be effectively non-functional.

Not only did they make several attempts to reset the elbow into a totally broken non functional socket they did so with a simple pain shot. Then when the second hospital unbandaged her they discovered there was no splint of any kind under the bandage so it was virtually useless and the bones continued to move causing unbearable pain neither she nor I slept all night.

And for this I was charge $398.22 money that I could have put towards real treatment.

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I am so sorry. I don't know where you live I am in michigan.

Here we have a wonderful Vet Teaching School. That I later found out has a 24/7 emergency center it is 97 miles from my home. They helped me with my puppy. They even assisted with the cost of surgery.

GO MSU!!! Great people, My puppy is doing fine now. Wish I would have known about this prior to Banfield. Not surprising you get 2 different stories.

The vet that saw my puppy has called several times, trying to convience me that she told me it was broke. Add insult to injury here.

PLEASE DONT TREAT ME LIKE I AM ***> "I don't see any fracture but it is dislocated." Back peddling all over. She did however admit to not splinting it but says that because she couldn't find anything to splint it with she did find the charge for it though because I paid for it.


i'm sorry to hear what had happened. i had to sign my dog over to them the other day because she was pregnant and needed a c-section and they would not do any payments and they were the only hospital open at the time.

i'm still wondering after i signed her over or not if they did do the operation they said they were gonna do after i signed her over. i wanted to wait and see how she was while they did the operation, but they said if i sign her over i had to leave and i could not know what had happen to her or where she went. i think they are low life people. but at the time me and my husband had no choice and she was in labor for more than eight hours and they said the puppy was too big to come out.

i wish i could see her to know if she really made it or not. one of the nurse said she made it but the puppy died and the other said the mom made it and the puppy made it too, so i don't know who's lying.

or maybe they left her in a cage after i signed her over and didn't do the operation and just left her there until she gave birth or died. my head is full of thoughts, i don't know what to do.