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It's been a long time now and I do not believe I can do anything about what happen to Simon. I still bad mouth Banfield.

They killed him by their neglect. I was surprised to see that people are still reading this.

Original review posted by user Apr 17, 2010

My two legged pitbull was killed by the office politics of Banfield. They not only over charge for their services, which are often provided by the tech instead of the vet,but they put the dollar before caring for the patient.

I took him in because he had been vomiting for several days, and was not himself. They found a blockage in his stomach and it was also a linear blockage. they performed surgery that nite. On day 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11.

I either called or had him in the office. He still was not eating or drinking, he was not showing signs of healing at all, no energy at all. At one point I thought he was getting better he ate. Then he vomitted.

He played with his ball for a few minutes. Then the next day he was not. They kept sending him home with Anti- naseua meds. NOt once did they ask me if I would pay for an xray or anything else to diagnose the problem.

They had no problem charging me for the meds but never asked me if I would pay for an xray. On day 10 I took him in for his stitches to be removed. I told the tech my concern and all she could say was, he has to move diferently, so he may take longer to heal. I was then escorted out.

I called back after going home and asked why the dr did not see him. They said to bring him in but I couldn't take him back in that nite. So it had to wait til morning. On day 11 I took him back the vet came in and said oh yes you are right there seems to be a problem.

we are going to do this n that blah blah blah. The vet leaves tech returns hands me a bill and informs it is cash upfront. I all ready was charged 1500.00. And now my dog is critical and they have to have 800.00 more.

I dont have it, i ask if they could at least give him a boluce of water. No He would have to be a patient.

He died two days later under the care of another vet who really tried to save his life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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You should have gone elsewhere after day 2 of this


I am so sorry for your loss. I can't believe this happened .

I don't use that hospital but I know people who do . I had an incident many ears ago with Pennsauken animal hospital when we took out beagle in to get spayed . She wasn't raking properly and they had to go back in 4 times . The original Doctor stitched her stomach together and she reacted to the internal sutures she almost died but another vet took over and saved her and made sure I did t have to pay for the 4 day stay or anesthesia .

I didn't take her back there after that. It's so sad I realize it's a business but the care should be first and foremost.


I am soooo sorry, so so sorry, they should be made accountable!!


I have used banfield for five years on two dogs. Each time they were treated with love and kindness our older dog had a mass removed and they both had tarter removed a few times.

Never had a problem I live in PA every Veteran is different. Can not blame them all.


I wish I could say the same for the ones in Portland. Or.


I am so sorry :'( I love my pittie and she is literally one of my kids. I just commented on another of Banfields reviews that reading their reviews makes me want to drive to my vet a kiss him and his staff. I am certainly thankful for having a vet that puts the animals first..I could go in with 6$ in my pocket and he would do anything and everything needed for one of my animals and bill me for the rest.

I hope that this place is shut down-- no animal deserves to suffer bc of some incompetent *** that is more worried about the almighty dollar over the health of an animal (regardless of the owners financial status). I would understand if you had never been there or just showed up as a first time patient and asked to be billed for an 800$ procedure--but to already have almost 1500$ of your money and to deny your boy treatment--that is horrendous!!

I hope that you eventually find another pittie to help fill the hole in your heart ( I know its there-- my Boxer is 11 years old and I know she only has a couple years left and my heart is already starting to break just knowing its coming). Join up with some other on this site--file a lawsuit-- their compnay has over 320 thousand in losses by customers.. that is unacceptable..

Best wish xoxo


That's so sad. What a horrible place.

Everyone needs to know how negligent these guys are.

So sorry for your loss. I would sue the pants off them!


The professionals with the veterinary care attitude we used to know have been replaced by animal health care extortionists who think only of money. Vet techs doing more of what the doctor should be doing is the norm now. It's a bad time to be an animal lover who isn't wealthy.


I am sorry to hear Banfield killed your dog. They killed my beloved Pomeranian, Missy yesterday.

They went AGAINST what I wanted and did whatever they felt like it and stressed her out so bad that her heart condition killed her.

I am submitting a request for an investigation and possible Class Action Lawsuit on topclassactions.com against all Banfields. If you had a bad experience with ANY Banfield, please go to this website and fill out the request on the right for an attorney to consider a class action lawsuit against this chain.

The girl who killed my dog was very young and unexperienced. She looked about 12.

She ignorned me when I told her not to put an oxygen mask on my dog. Lets all join together and expose this place for the horrible place it is!


This Banfield needs to be sued. Seeing as there are so many pets dying after being in this pet hospital why don't all of you get together and all sue together.

Someone needs to stop these vets from practising . I have read so many deaths of pets on this site from this company. they don't seem to be qualified. I never take my pets to vets that are not 40 to 50 yrs old who have years of expierence.

Some of these young vets are useless. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS TO ANY BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL.

@The Law

I agree! The 2 vets that killed my Pomeranian, Missy were in their early 20's.

Submit your story at topclassactions.com for a class action suit. Read my dogs story at banfieldkilledmissy.com


There is NO WAY a veterinarian can be in their early 20's. 4 years college + 4 years vet school + however many years she has been practicing.

So if she just graduated, she would be 26 (although many students are much older as they don't go straight to vet school from undergrad). So if she's been out of school for 4-5 years, she's in her 30's.

Stop lying everywhere. You've already been caught in MANY lies.


By the way, a vet CAN graduate in their early 20s. I was 24 when I walked with my DVM degree. It's just not common.


which banfield location did you use?


I am so sorry about your dog. I, too, have a special needs pitbull (she's deaf).

I wish that I could tell the world to never take their pets to a veterinary clinic owned by a corporation.

I worked at a Vetcor hospital for a few years and the people who are in charge are the most miserable group of people I have ever had to deal with. I am so sorry about your boy- he was a cutie!