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We have a 7 month old Shih Tzu male puppy. Took him in for the "free" appointment to set up a date to have him neutered. Yes, I signed up for the optimum puppy care plan that would cover the neutering, shots & general wellness appointments. $35.00 a month for a year, well, this isn't our first rodeo & we KNOW how much these things run. Had to pay 1st month right then along with a starter fee-whatever they call it--the 1st "free" appointment ran me $72.00! Had to give them my bank card because of course, they take it out automatically.

Set up an appointment for 3 weeks for his surgery. That Saturday came & I dropped him off at 7AM as directed. A couple hours later we got a call that the Vet wanted us to come down to Petsmart as soon as possible. I'm an RN. Vet's, MD's, anyone who wants to "see you in person," that's NEVER a good thing. We went there. Basically, we were told they did the "initial" blood work & she wasn't going to do the neutering. He was in kidney failure and won't last 3 months...

We were devastated. She continued to talk--blah, blah, blah... Don't know that we heard or absorbed all the information...HE'S OUR BABY. I'm a nurse, chem panels can mean a lot of different things. Usually NOT a death sentence. She wanted to keep him for 2 days of antibiotics & IV fluids. It wasn't going to "cure" him, but might help--the blood work might be different tomorrow. We agreed. He's our baby...

First, I picked him up later that day as they asked. Well TODAY will be $395!!! Yikes!!! Blah, blah, blah, here's his antibiotics. Blah, blah, blah...My head hurts. Okay, we agreed to it--none of ANYTHING they did was covered. Hmm.

So they brought him from the back room...He was shaking so bad it was ridiculous! I'm talking FULL ON TREMORS! He was so scared & happy to see me. Now, this dog is Mr Personality-he'll walk up to & be friends with anybody. He is ALSO house broken. This was NOT the dog I dropped off! They brought him around the counter... He urinated from the time they put him on the floor, all over me, & all the way to the front of the store. He yelped when I picked him up to put him on the car seat and continued to *** This is a 10 POUND PUPPY--How big do you think his bladder is?

I went back in to address the urination & was told "They are NOT permitted to let animals out to urinate, so it's expected." EXPECTED!!!??? Let me get this right... You gave a PUPPY IV fluids ALL DAY and didn't let him out to *** He won't *** in the crate... So this poor little guy had to hold his water ALL day till I got there??? I call it ANIMAL ABUSE!!! I wouldn't do that to a patient, I can't IMAGINE it would be any different with a dog. I don't know about you but if I drank water ALL DAY LONG you better have a bathroom close!

He stopped shaking about 1/2 hour after after he got home & 3 more "accidents." He was also SO thirsty he drank a whole bowl of water. SO UPSET!!! My husband is the calm one in the family. We talked. Discussed the options & situation. Decided that we would go through the fluids again tomorrow then make a decision. Reluctantly, I dropped him off at 9AM Sunday. He started crying from the time we pulled in front of the building. Had to chase him around the inside of the car (this is NOT the way Tank acts!) Grabbed him, a new, unopened puppy pad & his water bowl and took him in for the day. I EXPRESSLY asked for them to let him out & please give him some water. "YES, yes, We'll take GOOD care of him, don't worry."

Picked him up later that day. AGAIN shaking & crying--AND URINATING!!! The bowl was dry & the pad had NEVER been open!!!! (anyone who has used these knows that a fresh pad kinda sticks to itself) Oh, we're not permitted to let him out--EVEN ON A PAD! ABUSE--LICENSED ANIMAL ABUSE!!! And oh yes, $300 please... Never again--done with you people!!! In case you're wondering. The IV fluids didn't help according to them. He's still going to die but bring him in in a couple of weeks for an ultrasound at about $600 for your "piece of mind" to see EXACTLY what's wrong but it's PROBABLY congenital--you should have it so you know for sure...

Um--YOUR DOG'S DYING... BUT you can have him vaccinated. $20 extra for a Benadryl shot he'll need to stop reactions...YOUR DOG'S DYING...BUT we can microchip him like you wanted...YOUR DOG'S DYING...BUT he needs this special PRESCRIPTION DIET???Advice to help him live, not given, not even attempted!! Just here's how we can get more money from you before he goes.Oh ya, I had asked them to manicure his nails while he's "out," charged for it but they NEVER did it! ABSOLUTELY FUMING AT THIS POINT.

Funny, while we were sitting there 4 other people were picking up their "babies." ALL were in various days of getting the RECOMMENDED IV fluids at $300+ a pop! Don't know about you but I've been in allot of Vet's offices over the years and I think MAYBE once a dog was getting IV fluid. We're in an average size populated area, not big, not small. Both my husband & I found it just a little bit ODD that 5 of us "NEEDED" IV fluid... What do you think? We have decided "CHA-CHING!!!!!!" Pray on the feelings of caring, loving, dog parents. For shame! Shame on you Banfield!!!

Oh but it continues... I waited a few days to make the call. I wanted to be calm, coherent, appropriate. I called the Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan service line. 1 HOUR AND 45 MINUTES LATER being held On Hold-High volume of callers--***! I hung up, probably what they hope for. I called back again a few days later. After being on hold for high volume (WOW they're busy people!) for 48 minutes (I timed it) I got an actual person. I told him I was not happy with the care and I wanted to CANCEL the Wellness Plan. I was told that the plans can't be cancelled but the can subtract what you paid & you owe the balance. That's not even pro-rated...that's the total. I told him that we were not happy with the care, that our dog was not going to live and I wanted to cancel the plan. He told me I owed a balance of $498. I calmly told him I wanted it cancelled. He said I owed $498. (Remember, we've already given them nearly $800 for services--not covered) I lost it! I told him that he didn't understand, it would be a cold day in Hades before they got ANY money from me! I was told "mame, would you like to listen to me?" (condescendingly) Was told you owe $498 here's our complaint number.

Called the compliant number... We don't do anything with the plan but I can write down your issues & pass it on to corporate. UGH!!!

Got a call a few days later from the vet wanting to discuss the message we left at "corporate" & Tank's care... Yeah, thanks but no thanks...


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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