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My healthy 1 year old Bengal had escaped outdoors, and had twelve hours of diarrhea. I wasn't concerned, but my aunt called to see when we should be, if it continued. I thought I'd just bring him in for a glance, to make sure he wasn't showing some awful symptom I missed - but by the time we got there, his diarrhea was resolving.

His vitals were completely perfect. He had a perfect temperature, was at a healthy weight, his skin was elastic and he was hydrated. His only problem, diarrhea, was for a short period of time (12 hours) and resolving. ANY OTHER vet operating under the proper level of care would have actually sent a real vet to examine Lynx. EVERY OTHER vet would then have told me, ‘his vitals are all good (they were exactly healthy, see attachment), and he's had an extreme stress, and his diarrhea is resolving (as meticulously documented and shown to the vet tech with descriptions of the diarrhea showing it was resolving) and so let's watch him, and come back Monday if he's not better.’ By then, I should have been told, if the diarrhea was still present, further blood work and fecal work would be in due course. That’s absolutely what should have happened.

Instead, the vet tech made me hold Lynx down, while the temperature was taken, and she messed it up - he was in extreme pain, and the therm came out bloody, and he didn't forgive me for holding him down with all my force while it happened and he screamed. I'm still scarred from where he clawed me.

The VET NEVER CAME TO SEE LYNX. Instead of the vet, the vet tech just came back and said he needed over $450 in tests - I was in shock, and repeated, that he was healthy, his vitals were perfect, why so many tests - I had complete records of his full vaccinations and the tests that were ordered were being taken already, when the tests came back COMPLETELY NORMAL other than a slight white blood cell count increase, which I now know is symptom of the diarrhea.

Still, vet assigned $150 in medications although we didn't know what or if something was wrong … I refused them, and only bought two to help the diarrhea but I never used them because Banfield forgot to include a syringe for me to give him the meds. ALSO, the diarrhea was GONE by the end of the day.

But more important, the tech, and vicariously the vet, and vicariously Banfield, directly deceived me with regard to several tests administered, as to what they would show - I'd been explicit, the only problem we're looking for is the past 48 hours during which he’d been exposed to the outside. The problem was limited to under 12 hours. I was told he had “colitis” as if it was a real problem that needed to be found out. I later researched and realize, colitis is almost certainly a result of having diarrhea in the first place, not a sign of a deeper problem unless for a longer period of time and a sicker cat. I was lied to. Told he needed over $400 in tests without the vet even taking a glance at Lynx and despite the above information, when the cause of events was so short that the tests would not be necessary in light of the fact that if he did even have something wrong like his organs malfunctioning, the tests were administered too soon after the event to be of any use to me.

Reason of review: Lied to me about what Lynx needed, to charge hundreds $$$ in tests for a healthy cat .

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Full refund of costs, in addition to compensation for the explicit lies about what the tests would show, what Lynx needed, that I had to ask repeatedly to actually see a vet, that my request to do the tests one by one was ignored. Egregious treatment. .

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Exploitation of services, Staff attitude, Exploitation of finances, Lied about procedure, Lied about what tests would show.

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You all are not educated in Bengals at all. Bengals are known for having bowel issues, especially loose stool.

The diarrhea was most caused by something he are outside, or the stress of being in a new environment. The doctor simply could have given the cat something to soothe his stomach and facilitate Harding the stool. Basically the cat had a fussy tummy! WTF is up with 450 worth of blood tests?

My vet charges 50 for necessary panel, and 150 for all the other. So, again, Banfield is a SCAM! I also love in a nice area, and it I'd a nice vet office. What Banfield does is unforgivable.

How you defend these idiots for price gorging, misdiagnosing, and ordering medication and testing not needed is outrageous! You all must work for them. Get off your dam phones and do your jobs. Not only are you rude to people in person but continue the rudeness when the complain online.

You all are *** Must be the low pay, the long hours, and just the all around horrible person with low morals you have to have to work there.

Get a life, and leave your victims alone. They have ready been screwed over by you, they do my need to rehash it!


Well you seem to know everything about Vet medicine. Why did you bother bringing him in if you knew what was best?


Here's the problem.....a vet does not have a magic crystal ball. A physical exam alone gives very limited information, and with diarrhea as with many other conditions further testing is normally considered to be indicated to try & be reasonably sure that nothing more serious is going on.

Now the chances are that yes, your pet would continue to get better, but if he got worse/didn't improve then the poor vet would be blamed for not recommending further investigation early on in the course of the disease/problem while there was still a chance to have a good outcome. For many vets this is common a loose-loose situation. If they recommend a thorough work-up they are 'greedy', and if they don't recommend anything then they are 'negligent'.

FYI - you can always decline to do the tests they offer. No one can force you to do them unless the pet is in a life threatening situation.


You're an ***! Your pet had diarrhea and obviously you were concerned for your pet well being so you brought him to the vet.

A veterinarian performs diagnostics to come to a appropriate diagnosis so of course he/she wanted to run as many test in which were performed. I'm sure banfield offered and recommended to do the test and ask for your approval prior to running the test. You could of easily declined the diagnostic just like you declined the medications to go home. Don't blame banfield for the cost of the diagnostic in which you approved for them to do.

If you was so sure the diarrhea was going to resolve on its own later that day then why did you go to the Vet in the first place. BLAME YOURSELF! A veterinarian spent all their lives to earn their Doctorate Degree and License, How can you say they're incompetent? Do you have a Veterinarian Medical degree?

No! So shut up and don't say their not "real vets". I've taken my pet to Banfield and yes the cost of services are expensive but that's in all field of medicine. If you had an issue with the treatment plan and the cost of it all you should of addresses it prior to approving it.

Don't blame the Vet. Don't blame the Tech.

Don't blame banfield. Blame YOURSELF.

Banfield has many issues and some of the complaints are reasonable but this one is on you pal.


First of a vet tech has no business, is not licensed to and under law cannot make medical diagnostic testing decisions unless they are instructed do so AFTER the vet has fully assessed your pets condition and then in your presents explains to you why he or she (the vet) feels the tests are necessary. The Doctor may then instruct the vet tech to perform limited test procedures on the animal that do not require a fully licensed medical doctor to perform or administer.

Sounds to me the vet tech far exceeded his or her limited (licensed) medical knowledge. I do hope the vet tech has a certificate and is certified thru an accredited vet tech school or college?