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I will never be going to banfield again my cat had a declaw done here and I insisted that she get the stitches not the glue and the dr said that's no problem just an extra charge.....received a call this morning that the stitches came apart...later found out I had been lied to by the vet and my cat was NEVER stitched. So she had to endure the sedation all over again which can't be good for any small animal:( I'm an animal lover to the fullest and to be flat out lied to by the person I put my animals life with is unacceptable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Lied to by vet.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: How nice everyone seemed.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Being lied to about a procedure.

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You clearly are not an animal lover if you would get your cat's claws ripped out.


I used to assist my late husband who was Vet and we had our own animal Hospital. First of all we never used glue or stitches and we use to correct many declaws with those procedures. We used pressure bandages and never had a problem Within hours the paws clotted and within 3 days they were walking like nothing happened.


Hate to point out the obvious but if you are that much of an animal lover you wouldn't have had your precious pet declawed in the 1st place. It is a really painful, barbaric surgery.

They AMPUTATE the 1st digits of their toes. AMPUTATE. Can you imagine the pain they must be in afterwards, every step in pain, at high risk of getting infected when they try to use a litterbox. Totally unnecessary.

What's worse is that most cats become more aggressive after being declawed but because they can't sctatch they instead learn to ***. I've worked in a huge shelter & so many of the cats that were dumped were because they had behavioural problems after getting declawed.

Our vets refused to do it because they considered it against their ethical code. It's not even legal in several areas of the USA & may other countries abroad!

@declawingis cruel

I had a cat I adopted at a "Human Shelter" and it wasnt declawed. He not only scratched my walls , my furniture, me, my son and my dog so badly I got cat scratched fever.

I gave him a many post throughtout my home and I ended up giving him back to be adopted my another family who ended up bring him back. I had normal cats who were loving and declawed . Never had a problem with them. I think people like you are the cause of cats mental behavior because you pick up ferrel cats who were never handled by people and are destructive.

No one did I yell at my declawed cats nor cared if they kneeded my furniture. not once did they scratch me . I personally thin Declawing is Cruel to keep your cats with claws and leave the people who like nice things and who want to cuddle with their cats alone > I think it's worse a cat having claws and you allow it out of the house to roam and get hit with a car.

By the way it's the first and second digit not the first. If it was the first the nail grows back.