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After getting a 3 month old puppy last year, I decided to go to Banfield where I heard their wellness plans saved so much money, considering all the boosters/neutering/etc that has to be done in the first year. I also liked the fact that office visits were unlimited, and free.

My first visit, they got me in, very short wait time - I'm guessing that was them putting on a professional front, until I signed up for the wellness plan. They suggested I get a Benadryl shot for my puppy at about $20/pop, and made me feel like I was a bad owner for disregarding their advice, until I finally caved. For all future vaccinations, I denied that option & when they would push it saying 'this is a lot of shots for a small dog....' I'd mention I didn't mind one bit spacing them out and doing half today, half at a new appointment a week from now. That usually shut them up.

When I had him in to be fixed, they asked if I'd like to have his nails clipped while he was under. I said sure - they neglected to tell me it'd be a $12 charge, which I didn't see until signing off the bill. Ridiculous, considering that he'd be under anyway, and it would take all of one minute to clip his nails while he's unconscious. My old vet did this to all animals as needed, when they were in surgery. For free.

For future visits, it became routine to clear out at least 2 hours for my dog's appointments at Banfield. I would always arrive on time, or a few minutes ahead of schedule. Be placed in a room to sit for at least 30 minutes, when a tech would come in to take vitals, and I'd sit again for another 20-30 minutes for a vet to finally appear. Ridiculous wait shouldn't have to plan for more than an hour for a routine appointment like that.

I also took my dog in once more recently - I noticed his feet were turning out, and I wanted to take advantage of the free office visits. I hadn't brought him in for a random check-up like that at all (so it's not like I was in every month, wasting their time), but when making the appointment and telling the tech I wanted him in just to have his legs looked at - a preventative measure, to see if anything needed to be done before they became an issue - she kept saying 'and is that all? he's not due for any shots. Is that all he's in for?'

Then, a day before the appointment, I got a voicemail from the office saying they saw the appointment, but he wasn't due for anything, so 'maybe it was a mistake.' And if I didn't call back to confirm, they would cancel the appointment. I called back and showed up the next day - where I still got remarks from the techs making me feel like I was wasting their time (so much for preventative medicine), trying to find out if my dog could develop leg issues down the road. Thankfully, I was handed to a different vet than normal that time. Unlike the other I had in the past, that one was very considerate and polite, let me know he might need surgery in the future and didn't make me feel like I was wasting her time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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We bought the wellness plans for my husbands cocker spaniel mix, and my pitbull. The 2nd VA we had was very gentle and sweet to the cocker spaniel, but rough, rude, and inconsiderate with my pitbull.

I am well aware of the breeds reputation, but come on. They tried that same stuff with me about the benedryl shots. When diesel was in for a drop off to get a round of puppy shots, they gave him 3 of them, without calling me, and tried charging 60 bucks for it.

They said it was just a "precaution". Not for 60 bucks its not!