Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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My wife made an appointment at the store on 544 for Monday 5/26 at 2:30. She called back somewhat later to conform the appointment since the 26th is Memorial Day.

Appointment confirmed. When we arrived the receptionist could not find any record of our appointment. She said, "THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME." She called the store in Myrtle Beach and told us they could take us. Our only reason for the appointment was for a bordello shot and to make arrangements for some additional work at a later time.

How long does it take to get a bordello shot? Doesn't make any difference. She didn't ask the reason for the visit. Might she have said, "If it's only a shot maybe we can squeeze you in.

We left a Memorial Day activity to keep the appointment and had planned to return as soon as we were finished. We didn't have the extra hour plus waiting time it would have taken us to travel to a different facility. We made an appointment for later in the week; one we will not keep. We understand things like this happen, but "all the time?" There were several other people waiting and we felt pressured to choose between going somewhere else or making another appointment.

We quickly made the appointment so as not to inconvenience the person who was given our time slot. I believe we are due an apology by the Dr.

in charge, not a receptionist or staff person.

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BORDETELLA...if you are going to complain about something, at least know what the *** you are complaining about! But, I do agree they should have honored your appointment.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Anonymous - We're sorry for the miscommunication over the holiday, and we understand your frustration. We'd like to speak with you directly to learn more about what happened. Could you please give our Client Advocate Team a call at 877-500-2288, so we can deliver a proper apology?


The Banfield Team