Troy, Michigan

We had been trying to cancel it for months but they told us they couldnt because the year wasn't over and the "wellness plan" contract was written differently than most. So they, knowing we did not want it anymore as it should have been well documented by this time, renewed it without permission after being told we did not want to renew it when the time came.

My mother took care of the finances for it since my dog was a gift and i was underage to handle legal matters anyhow at the time. So i had NO idea what was going on financially as they were also well aware of. I had moved out by this time and they kept sending me mail saying that I could take my dog in for checkups with no cost since it was already paid for. So i did.

Then my mother called me a month later saying that for some reason it did not cancel and that she was going to do it. I fully agreed (not even having insurance myself) and told her to call. Well after a barrage of phone calls back and forth because they refused to let her cancel it even though she was paying for it and they refused me canceling it because i wasnt...we finally (or so we thought) got it cancelled. A few months later and since I've been receiving phone calls and endless mail from these people trying to get us to come back.

I told them no and to stop contacting me. Then they said we arent actually canceled. Numerous calls were then made and still being made while talking to the RUDEST billing staff imaginable who blatantly lied more than once in that call alone (as i have documented proof from them catching him in it).

I have contacted a lawyer about this already and plan on taking them to court for all of this. Esp contacting my personal cell phone after being told numerous times not to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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