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Now I have had several animals and I am an RN I know how germs work. I also know an *** doctor when I see one.

My first clue was when I walked in and ther was black fur all over the floor. I made sure I put my cat carrier on the exam table. There was fur all over the counters. I kept my 4 month old kitten in there until they needed him.

The vet kept palpating his genital region and I couldn't figure out why. My cat started squirming and then it clicked. "He is neutered." I told the vet who said," oh ok". Now I had told them this and it was on he paper work and the computer screen.

My cat was in perfect health. And we went home. 3 days later he has a respiratory infection. So I take him back and pay out the *** for meds and lysine that they said he needed.

I asked if they had had sick animals in there clinic lately because he was perfectly fine when I brought him in. They tried to blame it on my animals at home...which I had none! Lmao so fine buy all the *** they throw at me because I just want to leave. The "pet nurse" comes in and tells me to g e the drops and the oral antibiotics for two weeks.

The lysine powder must be given for life. I ask about the best way to give the powder and this guy tells me to put it in his mouth. "Excuse me? Powder thrown into a sick animals mouth?" And he told me yes.

I asked about sprinkling it on wet food and he told me absolutely not because the. You don't know if he gets it all. Lysine is just an amino acid that prevents the feline heroes virus from replicating. Anyways I leave this *** that wants animals to inhale POWDER!

When I get home I notice I don't have enough medicine for two weeks. So I call and they told me that I have to come back in I a week and have him checked. I asked why a week when the corse of antibiotics is suppose to be two? I was told I have to come back.

I finally asked to speak to the vet. She told me the same thing. I finally told that that they were high off their *** if they thought I was bringing him in for the third time that month and pay another 65 bucks. She got mad and told me to give him the meds until gone.

I told her she should put that on the label then.

I have honestly never been so mad at a vet in my life. They called for a out a year trying to get me to come back in. Sadly they just want the money.

I didn't have to buy lysine for 60 bucks, but they told me it was a must. It's a supplement t and a powder shouldn't be thrown in an animals mouth like that. In fact I got their label wet that they stuck on there wand it says to sprinkle over food. Not only that Banfield's expiration date gave the new lysine a 6 month shelf life that was never going to get used.

The manufacture gave it 2.

Just be smart. Find a vet who cares more about the animal and not following the companies bottom line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Weird I take all my pets to Banfield and I have my kitties in lysine powder and my doctor told me to sprinkle it in food I guess it really all depends I the Banfield and vet you have :)


I had healthy cats until I put them on the Banfield Wellness program. My cat suddenly started sneezing and ear ach in March 2013 to, and the more I took him to Banfield the sicker he got.

Lysine was a BIG SELLER WITH ALL BANFIELD EMPLOYEES. I heard the same thing you got to give it to you cat for life.

My cat is still sick and I spent over $1000 at Banfield even after I cancelled the Wellness (aka sickness plan) at Banfield.

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