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Part of the Puppy Wellness Plan we purchased for lab puppy included FirstShield Trio flea/tick and mosquito prevention treatment.

The first time I used it on him he was lethargic and vomited up

what appeared to be bile (if he were human that's what I would have called it) but sadly it didn't click to link it to the medicine.

The second time I applied it the same thing happened. This time I looked it

up online and discovered that it was making dogs sick, burning their skin,

and that many have died. There's a lawsuit against the manufacturer but Banfield continues to dispense it ~ since they have an exclusive contract with the company that makes sense. (I guess)

We took 2 applications back to Banfield, explained that it was making my dog sick and asked if they had a different one we could use...we were told, "no, our vets voted on that one and that's all we use" if we wanted something else we needed to purchase it from Petsmart or elsewhere.

She was aware of the horrific side effects but - oh well, too bad, so sad!

Before you use this clinic read the reviews online about this company -the nightmares and heartaches people all over America have suffered at the hands of these people. Sadly, I didn't educate myself first. Not sure why they're still in business but they

won't be getting any further business from us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Active Prevention Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A pet can have an allergic reaction to ANYTHING, even natural things. Doesn't mean it's a bad product.

You can look up any product and find tons of horror stories.

I worked at Banfield for 6yrs (not there anymore) I saw ONE reaction to firstshield trio.

And it was just a little irritation.

I saw WAYYYYY more reactions to natural remedies.

I actually don't like topicals period. Only topical I like is Revolution for cats (not dogs because I don't trust topical heartworm prevention ). But Firstshield trio is the only topical I would use for dogs.

I prefer oral tablets.

Comfortis, trifexis and bravecto. Only sold at vet offices and your pet has to have been seen by the vet at the specific clinic (not just Banfield) at least once within 6mo. But it's worth it.

Oral preventions are much better for dogs, especially if you have cats in the home as well. Dog preventions are extremely toxic to cats and even if a tiny bit gets on the cat, it can be harmful.


Just like humans, animals can be allergic to medicines. Look up Tylenol.

People have died from it. Look up every drug known to man and someone has died from it. Look up strawberry allergies. Heck, people die from peanuts.

My point is, while I am sad your dog was sick, it happens. No one can guarantee that no animal will ever be allergic to any medication just as no one can guarantee a human won't.

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