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This incident report was sent through with the Better Business Bureau where our requests were further ignored by the corporate offices at Banfield Pet Hospital, and in the end left unresolved. ​We have been trying to contact the Director for over 4 weeks to discuss our numerous complaints with the La Cienega branch. We expect an actual response from Banfield Pet Hospital for solutions to the many issues with this branch. Not only should the medical records be reviewed by the Director, but they should also speak with the Nursing staff and Manager of the La Cienega branch. After this review the Director will see that we have been mistreated and our dog has suffered because the mistakes made by the staff. The manager has stated that he has not properly trained his nursing staff, admitting fault that will result in more customers complaining about this branch. We expect a full review of our case and a response within 10 business days.

The settlement that we request is for our entire bill from Saturday July 19th to be refunded due to the wrong test being administered on our dog, alongside our Petsmart insurance membership to be cancelled with no penalty and a full refund for the membership.


We (in regards to our dog Charlie) have been calling the Banfield Pet Hospital headquarters for over a month filing numerous complaints with corporate leading to zero response. During our normal check-up with The Banfield Animal Hospital in West Hollywood on Monday, July 14, 2014, we were informed that Charlie had a yeast infection in his ears, and were prescribed medication for that.

Five Days later, Charlie was extremely sick. So when we came to this practice with our sick dog, they made us wait over two hours to be seen by a VET although their sign displays "sick dogs are seen first". Meanwhile, we watched dogs coming in for annual vaccinations be priority, alongside phone calls taking precedence over us as well. The nurse who ended up seeing us tells us that she just realized we have been given the wrong medication for Charlie that we have been using for the past FIVE days on him. She "just" realized the night before and decided to wait for us to come in to tell us the news instead of telling us immediately. At this point it was too late and our dog's infection had spread since it was not being treated correctly.

When the VET came in to check him and although Charlie displayed no signs of diarrhea or vomiting, she suggested he may have an intestinal infection. The Doctor said that she will first start with the blood test to compare results with his normal white blood cell count. And she also tried to push x-rays on us, alongside an intestinal check. When we came back to pick Charlie up after the testing, they charged us for the Intestinal test instead of the blood test (which is covered by our insurance), and of course they found no results with that specific test.

The next day, we awake to Charlie barely moving, lethargic, and with a large swollen lymphnode. Rushing him to the pet hospital on Sunday, we of course had to wait another 2 hours to be seen by a VET although ours was clearly the emergency.

The doctor then recommends that perhaps the blood test should be administered. They of course find that his white blood cell count was triple the original and that he needed to be attached to an IV for the rest of the day, and the next day.

They also had to send a sample of his swollen lymph node out to the lab which they told us we would find the results in one to three days at most, therefore the latest being Wednesday of that week.When we retrieved no results from them, on Wednesday we had to discuss with them on the phone an hour before they closed that they promised us that we would have the results by the latest on that day. They finally called us 10 minutes before they closed since they miraculously found the results right after we hung up the phone with them.

Since, this time we have been filing numerous complaints with Banfield Pet Hospital and have yet to receive a response. The Customer Advocacy Center is "appalled" every time he has called as to the delay in response time. However, this has given us absolutely no results. At this point the Manager is avoiding all phone calls and will not return any messages. He also informed us that the owner of the store has been away on vacation, and although she has returned she has been avoiding our calls as well.

We do not trust their services since they only administer tests and services for financial gain. On top of it, their medicinal malpractice and recklessness could have left our dog dead. What does it take to bring this business to an end? Does it have to be the death of multiple animals? They are absolutely careless people who should not be allowed to be in this type of profession that have the lives of innocent animals in their hands.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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