Elkhart, Indiana

When our dog refused to get up and whimpered in pain, I was thrilled to learn Banfield was open on a holiday weekend. I was less thrilled when the exam, x-rays and glucosamine supplements I did agree to cost $600.

The vet tried numerous times to suggest services and point out so many bogus health issues on their report (infected gums and desperate need of cleaning, overweight, need for additional scans and ongoing care, etc.)that it seemed my happy little dog was on her last legs. Have been a groomer for 20 yrs. and know when I'm being scammed.

Follow-up with my vet found none of these issues, except for the presenting problem. Feel bad for people who don't know much about dogs or elderly folks who are easily persuaded to okay tons of unnecessary services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have a DVM?


Has your dog had it's teeth professionally cleaned under anesthesia in the past 4-5 years?

3. Is your dog's breath fresh/pleasant?

4. Can you see your dog's waist?


Has your dog had any screening bloodwork or fecal exams done in the past 12 months? If you answer NO to any of these there is a VERY good chance that this Vet was recommending necessary things. Don't forget that pets age much much much faster than we do. We get routine bloodwork once a year to check for problems developing, so given how much faster they little bodies age doing bloodwork once a year is the bare minimum to detect things in 'early' stages.

Don't forget that we brush our teeth twice a day (hopefully) to minimize dental and gingival disease. Unless you are one of the tiny percentage of pet owners that brush their pets teeth at least daily then their teeth and gums get diseased very quickly. Infection in the gums can spread into the blood system & cause multiple organ damage, including a potentially fatal condition called endocarditis. There are many very good, medically sounds reasons why these things are recommended.

Just because your other vet does not discuss them (maybe they know you get upset easily - as demonstrated by this post, maybe they are an older vet who was taught to focuses less on preventative care when they were in school decades ago when our medical knowledge & research wasn't as good) does not mean they are not happening.


You are a wackadoo! Caring versed not want to animals through stressful treatment plans unless it is necessary.

Banfield vet's just add all that *** on to maximizing their profits. That is what it is all about. I would just *** the bullet and take my pet to a emergency clinic. I have had too.

It would be a cold day in *** before I would trust a Banfield.

How do you sleep at night ripping people off?

When you kick poor owner's out and refuse to treat animals in dire need of medical care do you get a kick out of it? Sure seems that way.


1. Being a groomer doesn't make you a DVM or expert in any means as to diagnose any pet.

2. Having gingivitis/dental calculus/periodontal disease can be dangerous to your pet and is easier to prevent rather than treat. If the doctor said that any of those things were part of the diagnosis they would suggest a dental cleaning

3. Overweight can be dangerous and life threatening if not treated.

The doctor isn't trying to scam you. They're trying to make your dog live longer by preventing diseases from ever becoming a problem.


A groomer for 20 years? This must make you a veterinarian.


I wonder if this is what all Banfields face, being open holidays and weekends. Essentially being the 'cheaper ER', where all the people go avoiding the evil expensive emergency clinic (sarcasm).


As with any business there in business to make money and will suggest every option possible to tap into your finances.

After 20+ years in the medical field myself as a diagnostic tech supervisor I sorry to say the medical field itself is all about the money more so then figuring out the most affordable treatment options for both pets as well as human health care. Needless to say I left the medical field 28 years ago.

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