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I have left 5 messages in the last three days to talk to the vet about my cat, who was diagnosed with beginning stages of kidney failure.

I have NOT gotten a call back...All I get is we've been busy.....the doctor has your messages,,,,blah blah blah

I just want a REFILL of the meds that helped him feel better.

The *** who answers phones (Sherry) is RUDE, and UNPROFESSIONAL. I she doesn't get call backs and gets rude treatment when her animal is in ill health.

These people are uncaring and selfish. I will NEVER have another animal taken there. EVER

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Your dog died because of congestive heart failure, not Banfield's incompetence. When a dog is in heart failure there is medication to slow the process down but not cure it. Banfield couldnt have done anything for your pet. If your dog was in distress you should have taken it to an emergency room, not waited around for a phone call.

People on this site constantly blame Banfield for things that have happened to their pet for 2 reasons. First, their inability to understand medically what is going on with their pet and second, not wanting to pay for quality health care. Things that are described on here could happen anywhere! And just because Banfield is in PetSmart doesnt mean it is a low cost clinic nor does it mean it is low quality, it is the opposite.

In addition, people like to rant and rave about Wellness Plans. They are WELLNESS plans, not insurance...with contracts. If you dont read the contract you cant be mad when it doesnt work out the way you thought it would. The WP is a great money saving tool if you know how it works.


I called on my dog (who died because of Banfield's incompetence)

At the time, she had labored rapid breathing due to congestive heart failure. I called 3 times. Finally, the receptionist called back and said that the Dr on duty for that day was too busy to call back.

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