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6-21-19: We have two America short hairs(8.5 years old) and a Spitz dog(7 years old). We have been going to Banfield Largo since they were born.

When we first went to Banfield Dr. Thom Carlisle was their Chief of Staff with many decades of experience and we simply loved him. We pay for a Premium Wellness plan for all three animals. Over the years we started noticing a large turn over in staff and ended up with Dr.

West as our primary Vet. She turned out to be completely irresponsible with a degree from Asia somewhere and virtually incompetent. One year she never did any blood work on our female cat! Certainly not someone to trust with a life.

Dr. Carlisle returned and we thought all was well. A few months later, at 7.5 years old, our Spitz was diagnosed with late stage diabetes. So bad he was ketoacidosis in one month and totally blind in one week.

After requesting his blood work ups, Banfield Largo never mentioned anything about his apparent declining condition to us even through his blood results clearly reflected his gradual decline! Shame on us for not paying closer attention. Luckily, and after nearly $12K in total emergency treatment costs, we saved his life and Dr. Baldwin removed his cataracts and saved his eyesight in one eye at Blue Pearl.

Banfield Largo has a new COS Dr. Drummond. She seems to be competent but has inherited a clinic lacking experience and robust clinical protocols. They don’t even take your animals out to potty during their stay and they defecate on themselves!

Their latest Vet of the month Dr. Piete was educated in Granada and should never be trusted with your animal’s health. She screwed up our dog’s blood glucose curves twice, misdiagnosed our cats as having high grade murmurs and completely missed that our male cat required four teeth extractions despite paying to have his teeth cleaned every year. I simply don’t think Banfield Largo has the proper equipment or properly educated people to take proper care of your animals.

They farm out and refer you to 3rd party resources for most everything, so why use them? Your resulting out-of-pocket expense remains the same and with a private practice clinic, at least the Vet has his name on the door with some real skin in the game. Our new Vet at Pinellas Animal Hospital(PAH) heard no murmurs in either cats and used his xray machine to isolate our male cat’s sad teeth. He had been suffering you’re a long time!!!

Our dog seems to have made it through the hardest part of his diabetes/glaucoma treatment and we are moving his care into the hands of PAH. PAH is an amazing facility and so is Blue Pearl. We are so fortunate to have them so close to home. The moral of the story is to trust but verify everything any vet does for your animal just like you would do for your own personal healthcare.

Banfield as an organization is not capable of attracting, equipping or retaining great talent. Matter a fact, they are pretty much the bottom of the barrel and shame on us for not finding this out sooner. I personally research each of them and they are not qualified. Find a vet with his name on the practice and stick with him from the beginning.

Educate yourself about your breeds and don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. At Banfield we thought we were paying for ‘preventative care’ but, it was a scary, expensive waste of money and almost killed our beloved furry friends. Shame on the Executives that own Banfield and the lack of a proper mission statement that is both enforced and constantly improved upon.

They need to go on Undercover Boss and see for themselves. All these 1-star reviews can’t all be wrong!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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