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I walked in the Banfield pet hospital on Dec 1, 2013 at 0815 with 1 year old neutered cat in tow. The receptionist asked what was wrong with my cat.

I explained he was squatting but no urine was coming out and he seemed to be in pain. The receptionist said they were extremely busy and asked me to come back in 30 minutes. I explained my cat was in severe pain because he wouldn't even walk. I left, returned 30 minutes later only to get turned away again because they just got a dog with Parvo.

She asked me to return in 30 minutes. I told the receptionist that my cat had been seen by Banfield his entire life and it was necessary they saw him again as this was an ongoing issue. She explained there was only 1 Doctor and they were extremely busy. I was forced to find another Vet as I could not bare to see my cat who is normally very active, talkative and full of Love and Life in such a sad state.

Unfortunately, the new hospital (Centennial Hills Animal Hospital, Las Vegas) was only interested in my money. They said my cat had (maybe) a blocked uretha, some type of blockage or something in his kidneys and gave me a $1500 bill AFTER I just paid them $376 for an X-Ray. I was then told the treatment was not guaranteed. I had to euthanize my cat that day AFTER I paid $40 to view the procedure.

I then had to pay $140 to have a private cremation. Due to my horrible experience at Banfield, I will no longer patron Petsmart, nor will my other cat or dog be patients at Banfield or Centennial Hills Animal Hospital.

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Sorry for your loss. Here's the inside story.

I am a Vet currently working for Banfield so I know exactly what goes on as far as how the hospitals are run and why they were probably too busy to see your pet. Management sets all the staff & Dr schedules. Most of the time to keep costs down they only schedule 1 Vet a day. This vet is then expected to see all the scheduled appointments (between 20-25 a day), do all the surgeries (3-4 a day, between appointments), do all the call backs & see any walk-ins.

IT IS INSANE!!! I generally get <10 mins per pet, no break for lunch/to *** & end up staying late (which I don't get paid for) everynight. This is why so many vets leave Banfield within a year or two. Their Vet turnover/burnout is crazy.

If Corpoprate could stop overscheduling the routine appointments & try & have more than 1 Dr on a day then we would be able to see more walk-ins/emergencies, but until they do that we are sadly just stretched too thin which is dangerous for the sick pets we do see because we only get a few mins to evaluate each case.

I even tell my family if they have a sick pet/emergency to go to an emergency hospital where hopefully the Vet there can give it the time/attension it needs. Banfield is no good for emergencies.


Ive noticed a severe decline in the medical services at pretty much all vet clinics in the past few years. Its all about diagnosing an animal with whatever will keep the animal returning again again and again so they can keep draining the wallet.

In my case i have a little pug. He developed a severely painful condition with his front feet. Constant severe pain redness inflammation and constant licking chewing and limping. 4 vets and around $3000 later ive finally corrected the condition on my own.

One vet had me bringing him in monthly for a steroid shot at $150 a pop for 6 months straight. Ive had more than one vet tell me that by doing that many steroid shots he shortened my dogs life because steroids are really rough on a dogs immune system. Every vet ive ever used has had a bad habit of discussing you and your pets business with other ppl and in a couple of cases actually made rude inflammatory comments about me and my pet. Theyre not animal lovers.

Theyre business ppl. Its all about the $$$$$$$


I agree 100%. These Vetinarians/Hospitals take advantage of animal lovers because they have realized that pet owners will go to any extent to save their loved ones.

I'm checking to see if Banfield is a publicly traded company. That would explain it.

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