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In August of 2007, I signed both of my miniature dachshunds up for the Optimum Wellness Program, which at the time seemed like a great idea. The vet supposedly checked everything, heart, lungs, etc. Both dogs came with excellent bill of health.

My nightmare started on or about(I may be a day off on the dates) Nov 28, 2007. Hannah, my 8 yr old dachshund seemed to be very lethargic and just not happy like normal. I made an appointment to take her in to Banfield. They told me it was a bladder infection. They gave her an antibiotic. She was running a fever also.

On Dec 1st, I called to report, Hannah was running a temp of almost 105! After asking me a series of irrelevant questions, told me to bring her in, but to hurry, they were closing soon. We took her in, they hydrated her. They said bladder infections took a few days for the antibiotics to work. The vet told me that she also heard a heart murmur, and after she got better from the bladder infection, we might think about getting it checked.

On Dec 2nd, I called Banfield's to report that Hannah was breathing very rapidly and she would pant with very little exercise. Someone was to call me back. The receptionist called and said the vet on duty did not have time to talk to me because she was the only one there that day.

On Dec 3rd, I called and insisted on bringing Hannah in again. This time they took chest x-rays and urinalysis culture(up to that point they had not done a culture). We were then told it could be lymphoma. We were sent to another Dr. to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound came back normal. They also did a lymph node biopsy that came back normal.

By this time, Hannah was really struggling to breathe, her eyes were red, she was coughing and gagging, and she was only able to walk a couple of steps before she would collapse.

I took her to another vet for a 2nd opinion. They knew immediately it was a heart and lung problem. They prescribed a very strong antibiotic in case it was pneumonia and I was to bring her back to have an EKG.

A few days later, at the suggestion of the 2nd vet, we took her into a critical care hospital. They did a 2nd ultrasound and said there was a "mass or liquid" on her lungs and heart sac. We were going to have it biopsied the next day. About an hour later, we got a call saying Hannah had passed away. The Dr did an autopsy on Hannah and said she died from catastrophic heart failure.

If Banfield would have checked the heart when they heard the heart murmur, and listened to us describe her symptoms, she may have been saved.

Please, anyone that loves their pets, do not use this veterinary hospital.

Oh, and yes, we paid well over $1000.00 for this gross negligence and cannot cancel our contract for either of our dogs.dvhb

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My Bichon Frise was misdiagnosed by two different Banfield hospitals. They said he had a heart murmur and has progressively gotten worse and graded from a to 2 to a 4/6.

He has been on medication do heart medications and a diuretic for over a year which has made him extremely ill vomiting diarrhea lethargic and becomes dehydrated. Then we have to take him back to the vet for IV fluids and spend another couple hundred dollars. Took dog to NC State veterinarian and found out my dog does not have a heart murmur and that his heart is perfectly fine 4/8 and a half year old Bichon. We have spent so much money thinking he had a heart problem and didn't.

Now the question is did all the medication they put him on make him extremely sick or does he have another underlying problem that they do not know about. NC State advised to watch my dog see how he does without taking any of the medication and see if his vomiting and diarrhea and malaise continues. If so to call them back or my vet. I don't think so.

I will be going back to NC State or another veterinarian. This is not the first dog that of mine that has been misdiagnosed by Banfield. I had another dog that was told he'd had allergies but in reality she had Cushing's disease and died last year. I'm so happy my dog does not have heart disease but don't know if anything else is wrong.

I guess my advice would be 2 pet homeowners who love their dogs like children to get a second opinion when it comes to Major diagnosis of your dog or cat etc.

The same thing that you would do for yourself. Good luck with your little loved ones I hope they stay happy healthy and safe.


Banfield offers Wellnes plans and you keep paying because instead of them charging you 350 upfront for all the services they offer over 12 months, generally most of the services included ie: vaccinations are done within the first week of signing up (except boosters and spay/neuters/dentals) so you've probably already used well over 150 worth, you can cancel just have to pay for the services used which generally equals more then the plan.


I am sorry for Stephanie. I know exactly how you feel.

This is something I will not get over anytime soon. I just wish I had found this web-site and done a little investigating before I went to Banfield. There is definately something wrong with Banfield reading everybody elses complaints. Not all of these people can be wrong.

I took Hannah to a Banfields in Seattle, WA. I think it is a national problem, as all the complaints are from all over.

I am sorry that another pet died at their hands.


Rimadyl isn't a poison. Please research it before you run your mouth and look ***.

It's an NSAID and it's a pretty common (i.e. WIDELY USED) pain-killer and anti-inflammatory medication.


They just killed my beloved Aisling! I am so sorry for your loss and wish I had never taken our Aisling there.

We took our Aisling to the one in McKinney TX last Friday, Wednesday morning, we had to put her to sleep because they gave us Rimadyl (a poison). Please contact me @ or


I thought it was ridiculous that I had to pay for a dog that had died because of a misdiagnosed illness. But, that was not my main complaint.

My complaint is that after charging me thousands of dollars to tell me my dog had a bladder infection, I had to take her to another vet. The new vet

told me what she suspected was the problem. Then she ran tests to confirm. The way she explained it, it was a fairly obvious problem. After spending so much time trying to treat her at Banfield, she literally ran out of time.

I have felt so much guilt for signing my pet up with Banfield.


Can I just ask one question to anyone willing to listen? Who in their right mind thinks that it is right that an owner should have to continue to pay money for a wellness plan when the pet is DEAD????

This makes no sense to me the dogs now not WELL it's DEAD!!! why would the contract not be cancelled in that situation????

I am just a concerned consumer that has been recommended to banfield and am weighing my options>


I am very sorry for your loss. It sounds like you did everything you could to save your dog.

I don't understand how this was misdiagnosed.

With the symptoms you describe, me not ever claiming to be a veterinarian, it points to a heart problem, especially with a heart murmur.

The "veterinarians" at Banfield should never be allowed to get away with this. They did in fact cause you to lose your pet.

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