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So I know this one is a fairly minor issue compared to some but I'm still pissed none the less... Now normally I'm pretty pleased with banfield, its just the one doctor this time that has upset me... I took my dog in for a weird rash on his ear that caused it to swell up thicker than my hand. At the time she determined it was an allergy and gave him prednisone (which cleared that upquite nicely). After she decided that she checked for fleas and said he was traces of the little buggers...two weeks later he had his comprehensive exam where she said that not only did he have fleas but he had tapeworms too...and had apparently had the fleas for many months based on the fact that he has a tapeworm. When I asked why she, herself had told me he was clear not two weeks earlier, she tried to tell me that was the infestations dormant days...

Fleas do have a lifestyle and if you kill them off about a week later their larvae will hatch... I had done nothing to kill fleas since I did not know they were there (no abnormal behavior whatsoever, no scratching at all) so her argument of its their dormant days is bologna and I knew it and she knew I knew and got defensive when I asked if a mistake was made. She said it was impossible. That its a fact that the whole flea colony goes dormant when its elders die all on the same day...

No idea. She didn't want to admit that she made a misdiagnosis the first time so she tried lying to me to cover it. She wasted time to solve the problem that was totally unnecessary

Monetary Loss: $160.

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It only takes 1 (ONE) flea for your pet to consume to get tapeworms. So even if it wasn't an infestation....

all it takes is one. And that one may have had been consumed BEFORE you took your pet initially. That's why flea prev is recommended on a regular basis.

And you should be checking for fleas regularly too. Even if your pet only goes outside to potty, it can get fleas.

Banfield P


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Oh my Ferretlove98, no disrespect to you, but you really don't know what you are talking about. All that wasted time in writing...please leave the diag to real Vet Dr's please.

Juxta, you have a valid point, there are a lot of "beginners" at Banfield. Some are actually first time treating VA's there. Can understand a misdiag on the Dr's part...but should have stepped up to the plate and admitted to it.

Good luck w/your family pet, hope its feeling better now.


Ferretlove98 -- Lol, u mad? :grin

HAVE to agree with you here.

There is no such thing as a "misdiagnosis" when it comes to fleas.

Either you see them or you don't. The end.


If you have a small flea colony at your house you may not notice you have any at all. Some dogs are more reactive to fleas than others, thus flea allergies.

It only takes one flea to infest a house even if it is a minor infestation. And it only takes one flea to give your dog tapeworms. Is your dog on flea control? Every good pet owner should have their pet on flea control even if they don't see any fleas.

I haven't seen any fleas on my two dogs for over a year now but I still give them flea control because I don't ever want those little buggers to get on them and then infest my place with them and it sounds like you already know that once they have fleas they then get tapeworms. So, if your dog is not on flea control then I suggest that you start with it. You won't have a flea problem then. They are a very common parasite that all pet owners have to deal with and any one who thinks that their pet is immune to them is seriously mistaken.

Your doctor probably didn't misdiagnose him. Did she use a flea comb to look for them? Did you see her use one? Did she comb his whole body down?

Fleas don't just sit in one little area on the dogs body. They move and they move fast! So unless she looked him all over then she probably missed them. Did she ask you if you have seem any fleas on him?

And then what did you tell her? That you haven't seen any on him? She probably believed you and gave you the benefit of the doubt because she thought that you were a good pet owner and kept up with flea control every month. Flea control is not that expensive and if you can't afford flea control then you seriously can't afford a pet.

I don't mean to sound mean or anything but this is all common since. Fleas and tapeworms are two of the most common parasites in all pets. Get used to it. If you don't want to see them then get flea control, if you don't care that your pet has these parasites then don't do anything about it.

Its as simple as that. There is no misdiagnosing fleas, you either see them or you don't and it only takes one of them. And one more thing.. fleas don't die all at once, and whole flea colonies don't go dormant all at once.

Flea eggs need a good environment to hatch out in. If one flea laid a bunch of eggs on your pet and those eggs fall off into the dog bedding, in the carpet or between the boards of hard wood floor they will 'sleep' for a few months if it it takes that long for the house to come up to a good temperature to hatch out in. Then they jump on your pet and it doesn't mean that all the eggs hatch, obviously some of them die in between times and some of them hatch later on. If you want to talk about a 'misdiagnosis' then talk to a real client whose dog was truly misdiagnosed by a vet when the vet first said that the dog was just sick so you spend hundreds of dollars on meds and weeks later you find out it has part of a chew toy stuck in its gut and you have to either put him down or spend another few hundred dollars for a surgeon to come and take it out of him.

When that happens to you then do, come and post it on here and maybe then I will feel sorry for you.

But all I read here is a pet owner who does not know the first thing about taking care of her dog and wants to rant and rave that oh the doctor found a flea on my pet two weeks after she said there were no fleas and oh gosh, now it has tape worms to boot. Get a clue.

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