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So after completing a review for this place shamefully referred to as a veterinarian clinic, I was promptly contacted by their \"customer advocacy\" department to \"obtain additional information and resolve any issues\". My first thought was, \"Wow, this is obviously a place that wants to redeem itself. I will give them a shot.\" I, for one, am a true believer in customer service. I\'ve worked in customer service fields, and I employ customer service reps with my company. So I firmly believe that exceptional customer service is not hard to provide, IF there is a true desire to do so. HA! What a friggin hoot! I should have known better by my initial experience with their obnoxious Service Coordinator/Office Manager Nicole and the slow-paced and slow-witted vets/nurses that their customer support center would not be much better.

I called the number they asked me to (see \"comment\" below). They asked for a statement of events, and I repeated the frustrations I reported in my Yelp review (and \"Pissed Consumer\" review). They asked questions, and they assured me that the complaint would be forwarded on to the Powers-That-Be for further review and analysis. They also said I should expect contact to discuss the issue further. Hmmm...Wouldn\'t you know it, the very person that contacted me a short while later is the SAME person that I listed in my complaint. Seriously? Where is their (and her) business sense? Again I have to deal with the high-pitched condescending tones of Ms. Nicole, only to hear her yet again demand that I misunderstood her and everyone else at her clinic. How in the world this girl thinks she\'s resolving issues and not causing them is beyond me but she needs to take a step back from her current position and find something that is a little closer to her mentality and professional levels.

I am APPALLED at Banfield\'s lack of judgement! Even when given the opportunity to redeem points, they fail miserably. Their only hope is to turnover their current staff and hire some real professionals.

Original review posted by user May 21, 2012

This was by far the WORST veterinarian experience we've ever had with our 2 dogs, age 7 and 9. We had visited the Banfield Animal Hospital in Evanston last year and had a great experience, so we just assumed that the Downer's Grove location would be comparable in the quality of their services. WRONG!

Here's how it started: I had received an e-coupon for a free office visit and exam. I called the DG location to inquire about making an appointment for our 2 dogs, who were due for their annual exams and rabies vacs. I CLEARLY stated that we had gone to the Banfield in Evanston the year prior and inquired whether they would be able to obtain those records. I also asked "Nicole" about the coupon I had, and she told me it would knock off $40 for one of the pets. So, she knew we had this coupon AND she knew that we were not new to Banfield.

The 2 weeks leading up to our scheduled appointment, I received, not one, not two but THREE calls from Banfield to confirm our appointment. They gave us a 2 week call, a 1 week call and they called the day before. Obviously they are used to people blowing off their appointments, so they take these measures. But seriously?! 3 phone calls! By the time our appointment day actually arrived, I was already fed up with these people.

The day of the appointment, it took "service coordinator" about 10-15 minutes to even start with us. Then she led us into a closet-sized room (me, my husband, our 8-month old daughter in a stroller, our 90 lb. dog and our 7 lb. dog) and turned the computer on to some sort of advertisement with the volume CRANKING. (It was as if she assumed we were deaf. As soon as she left the room, I had to go over to their computer and shut off the nonsense). Then we proceeded to meet with the nurse for another 10-15 minutes, who at the end of her visit, gave us our total. At that point, I presented the coupon I had inquired about and she stated, "Well this is actually only for first-time customers, but we'll accept it this time." OK...Thank you very much. I appreciate the clarification on the terms of the coupon as well as the extra accommodation, right? No. Not 5 minutes later the "service coordinator" pounced into the room to inform us that we "obviously misunderstood" and they would not be able to accept our coupon, despite the fact that only a few minutes later the nurse said they would accept it just the one time. (This girl was on an obvious power trip, as she informed us the nurse "did not have authority to grant that accommodation. I'm sure in her warped red-headed mind she assumed that since she smiled through her rude and condescending tones that she still met the qualifications for "good" customer service. Me thinks not!)

We proceeded to wait over 30 minutes in this small room waiting for the vet who had no other patients. Then they tried to blame it on the paperwork. Really? What paperwork? Our dogs had a general check-up, rabies vacs and 1 health certificate that looks like it would take a whole 5 minutes to prepare.

So we paid. We left. And we agreed that we would never visit this veterinarian's office again. Thought we were done with them, did we? Oh no no no no…Because "Nicole" had to call just one more time to check on our dogs. Look, I understand that you're doing a well-being check on our pets, but by this time we were so frustrated and done with this place and just really really really DID NOT want to hear this girl's high-pitched obnoxious voice again in our lifetime, that I responded simply "they're fine" and hung up on her.

Take it from us…Do not take your beloved animals here to waste your time! In retrospect, I see why the place was completely void of any other customers.

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Wow, "Vet Tech"...You are quite obviously the one who requires some anger management, seeing as how you are so absurdly offended by a consumer's right to post feedback on poor quality service that you would use obscenities and run-on sentences. HA!

For your information, there were no other patients. For your information, your comments only embark on a PIECE of our complaint regarding the services at this Banfield. And quite notably I must point out that you are located in Tampa, FL, over a thousand miles away from this particular location.

So I beg the question: What would you know? Obviously nothing but personal frustration…Next time you would like to defend a consumer complaint, maybe you should cover all aspects of that complaint.


How did you know the vet did not have other patients? We do have drop off appointments we do get surgeries and we have more than one (Closet sized room) we fill with other patients and really 30 minutes how long do you wait while at a doctor or dentist appointment?

dont just assume our vet was enjoying sitting on his/her *** just to make you wait a half hour thats ridiculous our vets rarely EVER have time to sit down for two seconds.

A Health certificate and rabies certificate actually does take time we have three sheets of paper each to fill out not just the one copy we give to you plus we have to enter all of that information into our computer system again dont assume. and really your all bothered by our follow up call to check on your pet sounds like you need anger management.


Yeah... Had the TIME problem at Banfield in Camp Creek,East Point, GA!

Got to the appointment early then waited 43 minutes in a tiny room before anyone even came in! THEN only because I went to the front desk and asked the clerk, "UH... excuse me... I believe time is valuable.

We've been waiting for 43 minutes and no one has even come by to see our dog and we had a XX:XXam appointment! Is this what a first time customer can expect? If so, will future appointments be the same? For my noon appointment should I just show up at 12:45 so I don't have this long of a wait??

3 minutes later the nurse came in and 2 minutes after that the vet came in. They were both wonderful but come on! They seem to have forgotten about us until I reminded them!

There is VERY little chance I will bring my gurls back to Banfield!

We just moved to this area and the gurls have had the same vet for 10 years. We are simply used to a better quality of service.

Banfield P

After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to gather more information. We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit.

We apologize that your visit to one of our hospital was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concerns, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 877-500-2288.

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