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I have been a Banfield Breeding Client since 2007. The breeding program was awesome! I don't even know if it really exists any more? Banfield practices are diffidently deceitful, to say the least! There is certain staff members and the veterinarians that keep me coming back. Most are like family, regardless of disagreements.

Being a breeder the wellness plan is a waste of money, you are far better of doing AKC insurance. It is a shame, a few tweeks to it, could be very breeder friendly, and I would pay for all my dogs to be on it, honest!

I find it invaluable to my new owners, when used correctly, and not abused by Banfield itself, it is a world of savings for new owners. I sell it to my new owners, and if left in the waiting room, I sell it to half the clients walking in. One of the staff said, I should have my own sales desk. 60% of my clientele sign up for a Wellness Plan.

I am not saying my over all experience with Banfield has been peaches and cream. I have had major disagreements, and some major upsets!

The biggest suggestion I can give to any breeder is ALWAYS have more than one vet. IMO a vet is a breeders right arm, but never subject yourself to one vets opinion. If YOU as an owner value your pet as a family member, why would you take the advise of one professional? I was told my daughter had to have a heart operation. 2 doctors later, I got 3 different opinions, and did not need the operation. Why is it any different with your fur-family? I am WELL aware of Banfields practices of guilt to get you to open your pocket book. But IMO the owners responsibility is not being played out! If you think the charges are too much, talk about what HAS to be DONE vrs what they WANT done, and you can ALWAYS walk right out and see another vet! ALWAYS! Even if they want to put your pet to sleep.

I am very disgusted in Banfield for changing things with out notification of doing so. The turn over with front of the house staff is extremely high, and for being a client who spends 1-3 days a week there, I know its b/c of the treatment to the staff! Most new employees are NOT educated in animal care.

I refuse to give my dogs the lepto vaccine, b/c they are very tiny dogs, and I DO NOT believe in it.In my research, 1 out of every 10 dogs STILL have awful reactions, and it still can cause death, if not caught in time. I was bad mouthed to the staff by the new vet for refusing the vaccine. And they simply stated... NO, she will NOT do the vaccine. To add injury to insult,I had a family with 4 of my puppies they bought on Wellness Plans, bought In Full, NO PAYMENTS, talked into allowing the pups to have the Lepto vaccine. I called the vet and requested that the pups be brought in the mourning, and kept for reaction observation, and given benidryl before hand. I told the owner to request all the same when he went in. He did so. They DID not schedule for mourning, they DID not give Benidryl. They gave the vaccines 30 mins before closing up!! This was done due to being under staffed, and not paying attention at all!! 3 out of the 4 had massive reactions, and he spent all night in an emergency clinic with the pups, on the phone crying to me, we were crying! He didn't get all the way home before they started swelling and crying! I talked this family into using Banfield after horror stories of his vet misdiagnosing his elderly pets and possibly causing death to them. I felt like poo!! They had reactions for 2 days! And the staff and vet said it couldn't be pin pointed on the Lepto vaccine, and than I was bad mouthed again, by a staff member telling him, that "we (I) didn't know what we were talking about."

I stopped referring Banfield if it is not mine, b/c I had two separate occasions when my Banfeild checked out two different pups, from two different litters, and were given 100% 12 point vet exams, only to have exams done with in 4 days time, following my suggestion and co-hearing to my health guarantee to have pups seen with in 72 hrs, took pups with there nifty free exam coupon, and with intentions to buy into the Wellness Plan in to Chicago and other in Louisville to be told the pups needed 900.00+ worth of tests done. One vet laughed and said that my Banfeild Vet didn't know what they were doing. He did NOT even call my vet to talk with her about it!

Its completely appalling!! To strike out against your own colleges? WOW!

I do have 2 other vets I get second, and third opinions from, and between the 3 vets, I run pretty smoothly. I think it is important to be able to talk with your vet about medications and treatment plans, usually I can with my Banfeild vet, depending on how busy they are, BUT I can ALWAYS discuss issues with my other two vets, who will call me at home after business hours if needed, and I even have the home numbers to one of my veterinarians.

My Banfield DID try to stop walk ins, which are completely convenient to me. I always blot out the whole day to see the vet regardless which one, and NEVER complain about the wait. It was very upsetting to have to make an appointment for a time they were not going to keep any way. Honestly!

Over all they are convenient, and the staff is invaluable to me. But have found myself taking on a 4th vet clinic due to the fact they run out of items, like health certificates! When I need to be seen relatively fast, vrs driving 1 hour to the others two vets, I started seeing one close by recommended by a friend, who can see me with out appointments.

Just don't expect the world out of them, they can't hold up to it. ALWAYS have a back up plan, for 2nd or even 3rd opinions/evaluations!

And remember it is their job being an a corporation to up sell, like going to McDonalds, and they ask, "do you want to super size that?"

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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