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Took our 10 year old cat for Banfield's "routine" exam on April 18, 2011. Stupidly, we had bought into their "health plan" ten years ago.

We brought our cat home Monday night. That night he staggered, fell down, howled, seemed disoriented and was unable to eat. Thought it was an effect of sedative given him. Tuesday (work day, so ...) night, he continued to show lack of balance and still unable to eat his dry food (which he loves).

Finally called early Wednesday to ask if we could bring him in immediately or if we should take him to an emergency pet hospital. Were told to bring him in at 4 PM for a check -- they indicated no urgency despite our description of his symptoms. At this Wed. exam, they gave him an anti-biotic shot -- possible infection (of course, an extra charge, over and above our monthly plan payment). No improvement Wed. night thru all day Thursday. Finally took him back Friday PM. THIRD veterinarian (yeah, you have no assurance of continuity) examined him and told us "we don't know", "you take him to specialist" at OUR out-of-pocket cost. They would not take any responsibility, financially or medically, for injuring a perfectly healthy cat during a ROUTINE exam.

Took our cat to another local veterinarian. He got a thorough exam, with the veterinarian explaining every step and possibilities. Diagnosis -- PUNCTURED EARDRUM! They damaged his eardrum when they cleaned my cat's ears. Got meds for balance, nausea and pain. I hope our cat, SAM, will improve. We are not returning to Banfield! We are not, ever, shopping at Pet Smart. For montly fee, you get lousy care, injury to your pet, no emergency response, misdiagnosis, payment for unncessary care. It's staggering irresponsibility!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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To anonymous7. They sedated him, because Banfield said he is difficult to handle and injures their staff. Yeah, we were *** in believing that. If they are competant pet care facility, they can calm any animal down to manageable level. They did not want to bother and, yeah, sedative is additional "revenue' source.

To Preside. Wow, initially, I thought you were defending Banfield, but no. Thank you, your Iraq comment is right on. I was in Vietnam, and I saw lot of ear drum damages too. Re blood around the ear canal, they only said "we see some debries." (sigh!). Our Sam is improving, but he tilts, has fears of sudden touch, et al ... likle a combat vet.

Ah, *** you santini. Cats can live 15-20 years.

"cause." Ear cleaning is not hard. They sedated our cat for their convenience. But, because Sam was under, he could not tell them (howl like a banshee) when they punctured his eardrums. Try it, dude, one of my friends had his eardrum eaten out by a bug (we were infantrymen in Vietnam), and, he says it was extremely painful.


Why did they need anesthesia for your cats annual exam?



Please note that anyone can type in what they want for a name and they can even make it look official. Anyone with a basic medical knowledge should have realized that the inner ear has everything to do with balance and the eardrum serves for more than just passing vibrations.

It also serves to normalize the pressure in the inner ear. While having blown my own ear drums out several times and having witnessed ear drum perforations from explosions in Iraq over my life I can tell you that it comes with severe pain, hearing loss, and extreme dizziness and nausea. It is odd that no one noticed any blood around the ear canal as there are many capillaries that supply the tympanic membranes with blood. Good news is it should heal in about a weeks time, bad news is your cats hearing is critical to its survival and will never be the same, more bad news there is roughly no way of determining loss without a base line reading of your cats hearing acuity which would make litigation impossible.

I'd still sue for neglect and incompetency though ;-). Good luck.

Banfield P


We take these accusations very seriously and, more importantly, hope your cat is doing well. Please call our Client Advocate Team to discuss what happened; the number is 877-500-2288. Thank you for providing your feedback.


It's 10 years old. Should be dead by now.


cause ear cleanings are hard?

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