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Update by user Oct 17, 2015

It has been a few years since her passing. Whether she had an underlying condition or not, I still will not take any other animals here due to the amount of reported claims from other pet owners.

Banfield could be just getting a bad rap. The only thing I was happy about here was the friendly staff.

I have tried once to got back into the petsmart location of Banfield but it felt so overwhelming. I will admit one thing, the way they helped with cremation and everything afterwards was very nice and I appreciate them for that.

Update by user Jul 02, 2013

Look, you must understand that when I originally posted this I was very very distraught because it had just happened the smae day. The docto himself admitted to possibly giving her too much of the sedation or anesthesia or whatever.

I am not a doctor and do not claim to be. Dragging their name through the mud or worrying about their career is not my intention. I mention no ones names besides the pet hospital itself. As far as monitoring, they also stated they did not notice anything until they saw her tongue was blue, then they checked her monitors and realized what was happening.

When they called me at home they stated they didn't know what was happening, she wasn't coming out of her situation and they didn't know why. And another assistant stated they didn't know what to do. What is it that I am supposed to think when I am told all this? How am I supposed to feel?

I did not mean to say malpractice and I take that back. But I feel they may have been negligent during the procedure based off of what they told me themselves.

Original review posted by user Jun 30, 2013

Please stay away from this place and all other locations. My cat was taken in for a routine scheduled teeth cleaning and died.

She was put under sedation, which she has been before there, but this time they over did it and she began to not breath and her heart beat slowed down. They said they tried to save her but she passed away. This is not right. Now I want to take my other cat off the wellness plan because of their malpractice and I am told I have to pay $289?

After they killed my cat they want me to pay to take the other cat off? They have changed my life more than they realize. The pain and suffering I am going through is unbearable.

I want legal action taken against them. PLEASE DON T GO HERE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Dear Friend,

Dec 8, and I am in the process of filing a grievance with the State Veterinary Medical Board.

My kitty, 17, had her teeth cleaned and a bad tooth removed.

Unbeknownst to me, the doctor failed to give her antibiotic following the procedure: I thought nothing of it at the time, because in 10 years, I never had a problem with this.

Her health declined due to infection. Not one in four doctors ever bothered to review her July 8 procedure to see if there was a connection: not 1 in 4! So, they all play by the same, "cover their a" playbook so as to avoid the appearance of negligence.

It is how they avoid liable: never admit anything, and obfuscate the truth and lead the people on to something else, even if it means making it up.

So, in 3 days, the 4th doctor finds a mysterious development of lobes of ? Exactly: they had no clue and convinced me to test her would kill her. And, I knew they would kill her just to keep us quiet.

Instead, they convinced me she was not worth saving at her age, and "lovingly" helped me make the decision to put her down.

Lady, she was suffering, not dying, but at the time, I believed them and was unaware of the lack of antibiotic. If you have all your paperwork, get a professional to write a grievance: there is a process which I am pursuing at this time. Granted, these are politicians and they will likely not do anything, however, they will send these doctors a copy of the complaint and they will know, I will not shut up if something has been done unethically to an animal: they must pay.

This is one way. Another, tell all your friends to really be careful when having their pet's teeth done, and always do not trust your vet 100 percent: get 2 or 3 opinions before you ever put your family member down. Do not waste money on seeking problems out. Best to take them out of town; do not get second and third opinions in town, as these people are more than likely good friends.

Since when do we put animals down for suffering, not dying? There was not one of 4 docs that told me, "she is dying". Her vitals were all strong, but she was not worth saving, nor admitting a mistake was made, let's get that antibiotic in her and see if her body could right itself.... Pain?

Guilt? Yes. I live with it too. These people, will also live with it even in my quiet desperation.

God Bless you.

My kitty resides right next to my bed for as long as I live.....Justice will continue to be sought, even if only in prayer. Salisbury, NC


I am so sorry..... I know saying so won't bring your loved one back.

But this just reinforces why I don't trust this sh♡thole of a place.

This place is shameful.


Call me they are horrid


I want to join in lawsuit against VPI fraud company


A similar situation happened with my cat but not at a banfield clinic. She was at an emergency hospital that had a cardiac specialist on staff who told me the anesthisia triggered my kitty's underlying heart condition.

I was thankful to have been able to say good bye, even if it was for a few seconds. I am so sorry for your loss. I felt completely inconsulable and helpless when it happened. I dont know if your kitty had the same issue but i can understand your grief.

The only thing that made me feel slightly better was the specialist explaining to me that if she could pull through, she would have had to have daily shots, vet visits, and medicine to keep her meerly stable.

Again I understand your sorrow and I hope another lucky kitty has found its way to you loving home. All the best


That's ridiculous, I just found

This posting while searching reasons my cat died on the table this AM, also during routine dental. I know it's usually underlying conditions & happens in about one in a thousand.

Blaming someone when it was probably an underlying condition is slanderous & wrong. RIP my sweet Poopsie ❤️



I would think that since the cat died they would just allow her to *** the other cat off of the plan really come on pet hospital that's an easy way to get off are you *** because of your negligence her pet died


my friend's cat went in for a routine dental cleaning and also died. apparently the cat made it through the dental cleaning and died after they took the breathing tube out.

it appears that they may have taken the tube out too early and the cat was not yet fully breathing on her own. this cat was part of a loving family and was more than just a pet. nothing can be done to reverse the permanent hurt and damage this loss has caused my friend's family.

i will no longer be taking any of my pets to banfield again to get their teeth cleaned as a result of this painful experience. i


I too have worked for Banfield in the past as a vet technician, unlike my coworkers I had years of prior experience. I noticed right away that things just aren't like a private clinic.

Our office manager was ONLY concerned with our "numbers" and "production". She would let people bring deathly sick animals in when we were not equipped to care for them. The doctors at my hospital actually use the absolute minimum recommended dose of pre-meds (so I highly doubt an overdose occured) but it does result in intubating animals that aren't properly sedated. So I totally agree that animals are not properly cared for.

But... To the guy who claims his cat recieved 7mls instead of 0.7mls that's juat rediculous, I don't know anyone who would ever think it was okay to give a cat 7mls of ANYTHING.


I wrote to my state's attorney ...start here. If I can get enough people to sign up for a Class Action Lawsuit my friend of 30 years a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney will take the case.

This is not a pet as persoanl property lawsuit this will be for pain and suffering we must live with forever. I lost my Chihuahua to sedative overdose, she already had a bad heart and they knew it was wrong to give it to her. They took her off oxygen too soon, when I saw my dog she appeared to be in a coma her eyes were solid black and non responsive, this has happened so many times WHY ISN'T Banfield asking their customer for permission to use sedation? I would have said no, she needed an IV of Lasix to clear her lungs.

Sedation killed her and they tried to cover it up by telling me she may not make it to the emergency hospital. They didn't want the ER hospital to see that she was overdosed. This is a scam for profit.

A stopped heart and they ask you if you want to revive, another $500 tacked onto your bill. Then they add on another $70 for Euthanasia, when she is in a coma and still drugged?


You can't sue for "pain and suffering" for loss of an animal.


Of course you can


Actually, in some states you can!


I will sign up for a class action suit and I know a few others who will as well. banfield in Deptford, NJ killed my Pomeranian, Missy on 11/25/2014. Email me at banfieldkilledmissy@gmail.com and I will give you my number.


I've worked at many Banfields. I also have seen first hand straight out neglance.

Working as a veterinary technician running in house blood work that doctors never see. They are so overworked and after a 12 hours day running out the door leaving bloodwork for someone to run and it's never looked at! I worked at a Banfield that charged clients for bloodwork that was never ran. As welness plan clients you are intitled to yearly in house bloodwork they take it off your plan and never run it!

I've had assistants tell doctors that they charged the client for a urinalysis but didn't get a urine sample, asking the doctor to call the client and let them know. I've had doctors outright refuse, thinking the client will never find out.


OMG, if you know that is happening, why dont you report that? The public has a right to know that! Banfield is a horrible company!


I want to work with you on the class action lawsuit contact me bedford_va@hotmail.com my personal injury attorney is in Beverly Hills.


my 8 YO Chihuahua was overdosed on sedation. I can't put a monetary amount on my loss, I am so mentally sick over what I saw.

They had me come in the exam room while they held her hind legs up to shake fluid from her lungs, the overdose caused her heart to stop, they took the time to ask me if I wanted to revive, so that did damage. She had heart massage, Lidocaine for irregular heartbeat, a rib may have been broken, the EKG seemed OK, they took her off oxygen too soon. They posed her head to look at me her eyes were solid black and catatonic, she may have been dead or comatose, it was still mean to have me come in and talk to her, then they make me sign a consent to euthanize here when she may have been gone already! I keep thinking I should have taken her off the table when I 1st went in and she was upside down.

They didn't have to sedate her. The Lasix was getting rid of the fluid. I have a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney if enough will sign up. Banfield is owned my Mars of Franklin TN.

Lil Caesar food and treats.

it is a big enough company to sue and make them close down. I will never stop hurting


I feel exactally the same way since Banfield killed my dog, Missy. I dont want their blood money but a class action suit is the best way to hurt them.

You dont receive much money in a class action anyway, but since so many people will join, they will have to put out millions. Who knows, maybe you can sue for specific performance, which is something other than money, like forcing them to change policies or they way they do things.

Something like that. They need MAJOR changes or need to just be shut down, period!


I've also worked at Banfield, medical records are usually written by a vet assistant and not the doctor. I have over 13 years experience as a veterinary technician, I was working with a doctor in surgery doing a routine spay, she had complained several times to her medical director that she felt uncomfortable performing surgery being the only doctor in the hospital.

During this procedure she dropped a pedicel and I noticed a lot of blood, the doctor blanked and stopped everything. I knew either this dog was going to die or I was going to have to glove up and help her. I did and so did another doctor that we had to call from a surrounding Banfield.

Mistakes happen quite often in these hospitals. They are more concerned with making money then your pets help.


Please REPORT what you know about Banfield to anyone and everyone you can! Dont let them get away with these dirty little secrets!

They are killing our pets!

If you have first hand knowledge of what is going on, you have a moral obligation to do something about it, PLEASE! Save a pet's life!

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