Weslaco, Texas

I am sorry for your loss, should have looked them up before taking my dog there. I purchased a full breed, champion bloodline, bull terrier for over $3,000.

Took him in for his first visit and was told he had deramectin and ended up paying a couple hundred dollars and was signed up for the wellness plan. Took him in a week after for follow up and he was fine. Then a day before his next week's visit, he just died. My daughters and I were heartbroken.

I took him in for an autopsy, couple hundred dollars, and was told it was the parovirus. How the *** did they not tell me something was wrong with him if they had seen him every week for three weeks! I also had just purchased a doberman, which had not had his vaccines and the vet tells me to take him in emergency basis or he would die. Since he had been around my terrier for ten days I figured if he was infected he would die and I would save myself the couple hundred dollars to have him seen, but I was really just not sure about the authencity of the autopsy results.

Guess what, over a month now and my doberman is alive without shots. I am going to take him in to see another vet.

However, legal action is crossing my mind as I don't think my dog died over parovirus. BY the way, I went to the South McAllen Banfield Hospital in Texas.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why did your pet get given Doramectin, you do understand that that is a de-worming drug right??? It is not a diagnosis, just a drug.

What were your pets clinical signs - because you state that he was 'fine'.

Was he having any diarrhea, any vomiting, and anorexia or lethargy?

Did you read and UNDERSTAND the necropsy results? WHO did the necropsy...how did they diagnose cause of death as Parvoirus? Were tissue biopsies run?

If you don't understand the report it would be VERY worthwhile having an independent veterinary professional read over it before you even consider a lawsuit.

Sudden death from Parvo can & does occur (myocarditis, dehydration etc etc) so I'm not saying it isn't possible, but I feel like there is part of the story we are not getting/you didn't understand here. It is also very possible that your pet had what is called sub-clinical parvoviris infection, and cause of death was something else more difficult to detect without full tissue biopsy/cultures.

Either way - PLEASE get your other pet vaccinated.

If you are flash enough to spend thousands of dollars on a purebred then at least don't be cheapskate about their health (i.e don't go to a Banfield - they are known to be cheap for a reason). You come across as very focused on the money, not so much on the welfare of your poor pedigree pets :(


1. Who are you to say it's not the parvovirus?


How is it Banfield fault that you purchased a pet with that particular virus?

Stop and think about these things before jumping to conclusions and contacting a lawyer. These things happen and it's called Mother Nature. Medicine can only go so far. Obviously Banfield cared enough to take care of your pet and also offered advise for your other dog at home.

You really should be thanking them for trying. Not all patients can be saved.

Also, it sounds like your more disappointed about losing the $3,000.


How can a vet miss parvo? It is such a tell take disease!

I worked at a shelter and clue easily diagnose it! Do these supposed medical professionals get their degrees out of a cracker Jack box? Their ineptitude at diagnosing easy recognizable diseases like mange, URI, parvo, ring worm, should be second nature once you are a vet! These vet's are ***.

If I after working with dogs for three years can recognize parvo, so should a veterinarian! I hope he does sue, and get full value of his dog!


I am trying to get an attorney to sue Banfield.

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