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I have had banfield's premium pet care plan 40.95 mo for many years. & 32.95 a mo for my other dog too.

I took my babies to get their comp. phy. on 5/14/14. both had blood taken.

walt could not move his front area for two days he had been hurt. pete was taken back on 5/16 to have more blood work done. I had to leave him for 4 hrs. tues.

pete was shaking all over I called and was told first thing that they did not do anything to hurt him, I had not even suggested that so I was surprised. wed. his body was shaking so much I called again they told me they were waiting for the results of the tests. thurs.

morning pete lost all control over his back 2 legs and started screaming. we jumped into the car & drove to banfield. it took them 1 hr to tell us that we needed to take him to the emergency hospital, they could not help him. 19 miles to the hospital, by then it was too late to save him.

nowhere did banfield tell me that they were not equipped to handle emergencies. I trusted them to care for my boys and they did not. when I called to tell them my boy had passed they told me I had to pay for the next 6 mos. even though he was dead.

NO ONE EVER TOLD ME that I had to pay for the dead. had I been informed about this and the fact they were not equipped to handle emergencies, I would have never gone to them in the first place.

walt will never go back even though I have to pay his till 2/15. MY ADVICE FIND A REAL VET CLINIC AND HOSPITAL AND REAL PET INSURANCE

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Not knowing something doesn't make you exempt. Why don't you take responsibility over your pet? Banfield didn't put a gun to your head.

Banfield has never claimed to be an emergency clinic.


A couple of points:

1) Sorry about the loss of your pet, it's hard no matter what the circumstances

2) You start your story saying that your pet couldn't move his "front area" and that he was hurt even before you brought him in. This sounds like neurological/spinal dysfunction or damage.

Why is foul-play by the veterinary staff the first thing you think of when your pet then loses control of his back 2 legs? Isn't it more likely his condition just worsened from his initial problems? He couldn't move his front of his body when you first brought him in, then he lost function of the rear of his body.

3) Drawing blood almost never results in an air embolus.

In order to cause blockage and paralysis like you describe, someone would have to actively inject air into your pets veins. Again, which is more likely? The Banfield staff actively murdered your pet, or his condition degenerated to the point where he couldn't walk anymore?

4) You wouldn't take your kid or yourself into your general practitioner's office and sit in their waiting room if suddenly lost control of your legs. You would go to an emergency clinic.

Would you need your GP's office to tell you this directly, or would you use common sense and just go to the ER? The same applies to your pet. MOST small animal clinics you visit aren't equipped to handle emergencies.

4) The premium care plan is NOT pet insurance. It is a pre-paid package of their services which they spread out the costs over the span of a year.

If you use the services, then cancel the plan, you are responsible for the costs of the services you received. The costs do not magically disappear when your pet passes away. This is clearly listed in their brochures, and the contract you signed.

The staff usually isn't going to be as morbid as come out and tell you when purchasing the package that if your pet dies you are still responsible for paying off the plan, but it is easily inferable from the language in the contract. Like I said, I'm sorry your pet passed away, but it sounds like you're grieving and lashing out at the wrong people.


I do not know where you got the impression that my dog could not use his 'front area' and that he was hurt before I brought him in. this is not true.

I never said that.

drawing blood can cause air emolus, it has happened.

since I never had an emergency before I went to the people that I had gone to for many years here in florida. if I had known they were not equipped to handle emergencies I would not have gone there.

when I lived in Michigan I went to a normal vet practice. I had emergencies with other pets and ALWAYS went to my vets office. and he ALWAYS did the surgeries and emergencies at his office. I thought all vet offices could handle emergencies.

however when I got to banfield they should have told me they were not equipped to handle the situation and tell me where to go. but they waited for an hour after xrays and other things they did. then they came in and told me to go to the er they referred people to, the dr also said he would call and let them know what was going on. I got a 96.00 bill for that call.

on top of the 109.00 bill for services banfield charged for.

I never said the wellness plan was pet ins. I just said that if your pet dies you should not have to continue to pay for them. this was the 1st time in 9 mos I had been in the office if you think I have not already paid for services rendered you are mistaken.

I am not really sure where you believe you know the whole story, but your response shows me you are not even close. you can try to change the facts, you can try to blame me, you can create in your own mind excuses for what happened, but you cannot tell me what you do not know. you were not there, you are just guessing and I have the right to tell my story. I am not lashing out at the wrong people as you say.

I am just sick and tired of people not telling the whole truth in this day and age. had I been told all the facts I would have acted appropriately.


you're an ***, please don't own pets


Thank you for being one of the few people with intelligence on this ridiculous site. People never take blame for their own actions and it's so easy to blame someone else.

BTW pets don't just lose functions of their limbs overnight, this was obviously an ongoing pathological process that unfortunately Banfield got blamed for.

"Air got in the veins" makes me laugh, I mean how often does that even happen?

I doubt people at Banfield are actively just pushing syringes of air into the veins of pets. People need to stop "Googling" everything and do real research from reputable sources.


I think you need to go see a lawyer a good one I would not be paying anyone for killing my baby


we are distraught by what happened at banfield. I blamed myself for believing in them.

I now believe that during the bile blood test, that air got into his veins. this caused a blood clot which traveled to his spine and caused the blood flow and oxygen to stop going into the rear of his body. the test was done on mon on tues he was shaking on wed cont. shaking.

after calling tues and wed I was told 'WE DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO PETE' he just must have hurt his back somehow and to wait until thur when the results of the test were in. I trusted them and on thur, as you have read above, all *** broke loose and my baby was gone. I did not have any choice but to put him out of his pain. the er dr told me too much time had passed with no blood and oxygen in half of his body.

he would not recover and he was in shearing PAIN. I believe with all my heart that all the revenge that I have will be placed in GODS hand as he has said and justice will be served.


Never and i mean never even if its a simple nail trimming use a vet that works on your animal unless youre present. Youre paying the bill you have that right. Seems to me banfield has an extraordinary amount of complaints against them.


So your vets let you back in their treatment area and watch them do surgeries? Please.

Some treatments and procedures take longer and require more time than the average client is willing to spend at the clinic. Some pets are prone to being protective (read: aggressive) while their owners are in the room.

Dropping your pet off is a feasible way to do the necessary diagnostics and treatment while you go to work/go to school/pick up your kids/do shopping/whatever instead of demanding everything be done in front of you.


I work at a vet and we let clients in back with their pets all the time. We're also the highest rated vet in Seattle, so we're obviously doing something right...

Banfield is a joke.

It is definitely more about how much money they can make off of you instead of doing what's in the best interest of the pet. Wellness plans....those are a joke too. Don't waste your money.

I worked for Banfield, I know that system inside and out.

Yes, they're cheap(ish), but you get what you pay for. If you love your pets, take them elsewhere

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