Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
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My dog has scratched her poor body over and over for a while now . Then Banfield gave me this product and amazing within an hour , " my dog is a dog again ".

No more scratching . She is sleeping and loves life again . This and and cortazoid ( sp ) are the answer . Mollie had been biting her fur off and had some skin irritation .

Never ealizing she had fleas after bathing and some brushing , we took her to Banfield . My dog just knew something was up . I once again have a happy dog .

Thank you Banfield and to the excellent staff that they have . Eric G.

Product or Service Mentioned: Schuyler First Shield Trio Flea Control.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Im so happy that your pet is no longer itching. Itching is miserable!!

I worked for Banfield for 6yrs but I'm not there anymore.

The 2 doctors I worked with were absolutely phenomenal.

Alot of these complaints on here are ridiculous. Especially the ones who dont read contracts they sign and the ones who have no understanding of veterinary medicine.

There are bad vets out there, not just Banfield. But a majority of vets truly care about the owners and the pets.

You just hear more horror stories about Banfield because they are a large corporation. If these people would hear/see the stuff I have from some of the private practices around me, they'd think their experience at Banfield was amazing.

Be prepared for comments on your post saying things like "you must work there" (because some ppl think just because someone leaves a good review, it obviously means they work for the company) or "this is a complaint site"

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