Le Roy, Michigan

I live in Traverse City, Michigan and have used Banfield only twice. I was rather skeptical but my fears were washed away.

My first experience was when I needed antibiotics for my python-that appointment was worth every penny of the $76 I paid; my son was getting married that morning and my snake was very sick, so I had to drop my pet off at the hospital and the staff was waiting for me and took excellent care of my snake. I was very impressed.

The second experience was as good as the first only I took my black lab for flea prevention. This appointment was wonderful.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Python? I wasn't aware that Banfield even sees let alone treats exotic pets (Snakes/Reptiles) I'll check with my local Banfield clinic on this one. Its news to me.

As far as I know Banfield has limited domestic pet clinical services for cats and dogs.


It depends on the Vet/s at each location. If they don't feel comfortable seeing exotic pets then normally (if they listen to that Vet) the receptionists won't make any appointments for exotics.

If they say they don't see exotics DO NOT FORCE THEM TO!!

You will only be seen by a vet that has limited/little knowledge in exotics, which could be very dangerous to your pet.

FYI - Exotic pets have very different anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology than cats & dogs, so it normally takes years of extra training to get good at diagnosing/treating exotics. If you see a very young looking vet willing to treat exotics beware - they may be being forced to by Banfield/their manager (some of the young vets get walked all over in this company).

Ask them what their experience is, do they have an exotics internship, or have they done any additional training? If not they will likely only have limited knowledge.

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