I took my put to Banfield Pet Hospital because she has Demodex Mange. This is condition that all dogs’ carry contracted for mother with in a few days after birth.

Demodex Mange can flare up from stress, which is the case for my little pup. I took my put to Banfield Pet Hospital because it was connected to PetSmart and thought they must be good. WELL LET ME TELL YOU!!!! All they cared about is selling me this Wellness Plan.

Once I said no it was like they did not want to care for my dog. They gave her an Ivemectrin shot and said come back in two weeks for another shot. Well this medication is to be given oral not in a shot. The reason they give a shot I found out is they can over charge me by charging me $25 a shot when I should have been given this medication to take home which would only have cost $25 a bottle.

They did not give me any medicated shampoo till I asked for it then over charged me for that to by $15. My pup should have been given antibiotics as well which she was never given.

Like I said once I told them no the their WELLNWSS PLAN they did not even care about my dog. I have not found a wonder veterinary hospital who know what they are really doing and care about my dog not $$$$$$$ Shame on you Banfield !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Youre right. Its all about the $$$$.

For all you obvious banfield employees that keep attacking any any all negative posts about your obvuous flaws i see far too many negative comments for there to not be a problem somewhere. Perhaps a bit of denial banfield.

Another fastfood style vet clinic. If youre vets were all that theyd have their own well established private practice.


I don't know where you heard that a bottle of Iverr5tin cost $25, but that is NOT correct. In fact, we just diagnosed a puppy with demodex at my hospital today, and the oral ivermectin for her to take home was $75!


Okay I love how people rant and rave on here like they r doctors themselves. Okay so was the puppy up to date on vaccines?

Maybe they thought if u didnt care to give vaccines that u wouldn't care to give the medicine correctly... But the main reason they did it that way is BC A.) Its easier for YOU and them and B.) The dosage for oral ivermectin is basically constant tapered increased dosage there and is measured by weight! Hello! Puppies grow EVERY DAY!

u would just have to come back and get more anyways and weigh him every week to get the next increasing dosage... It complicated.. On top of that they probably gave u a Rx shampoo which are ALWAYS goin to be a little more expensive... And their Rx shampoos made by GlenHaven are actually very good products.

But wither way, a shampoo is NOT going to do anything for demodex anyways... Demodex live UNDER/WITHIN the skin that's why they have to do a "skin scrape" test in order to determine they do or dont have demodex


Get over yourself - I think you have been playing 'Dr Google' too much.

There is NO NEED to give antibiotics to a pet with Demodex unless it has a secondary pyoderma. In fact if you do give a pet antibiotics when they don't need then it can a) cost you a lot more, which is obviously something you would be upset about and b) can lead to side-effects such as vomiting/diarrhea or antibiotic resistance. So a good vet will never recommend then unless they are absolutely necessary.

Also both the oral & the injectable versions of Ivermectin are effective, & no the oral medications are not cheaper - its THE SAME DRUG - and because you have to give it more frequently at an oral dose it often ends up being MORE expensive to dose it orally.

Next time just listen to the Vet - who spent 6-7 years in school to learn this, instead of just moaning about thing you know nothing about.


You are not qualified to treat. You are not a Vet, yet you talk as if you know better than the doc. Don't go someplace for service then since you seem to know better


There is no reason to give antibiotics with demodex, unless there is a secondary bacterial infection from scratching. The shot is actually better than oral medication.


well they must have had a rookie vet who has not quite worked out the system yet. The vet actually gets paid more if you do not sign up on the wellness plan.

A lot of what you pay for the wellness plan goes to people at the corporate headquarters in Portland. The vet should have been happy you did not sign up on the wellness plan because he or she would then be able to pocket 19% of what you pay!

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