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In January 2007, I purchased a beautiful (and exensive)Shorkie pup from a wonderful breeder. I named her Suki(beloved in Japanese).

She was so beautiful that everywhere I took her,people would stop me to tell me that they had never seen a more physically beautiful little dog. I waited a long time for her and she was my baby girl. I signed her up for the wellness program at Banfield almost immediately and was pleased. At the end of last June at 6 months old(and with NEVER a single health problem), I took her in to be spayed.

The same vet who had ALWAYS taken care of her was off that day, so a different vet was assigned the surgery. During the surgery, she nicked Suki's spleen,which caused a tremendous amount of blood loss. I was not called and informed of this for at least 4 hours, and Suki had gone into shock. When finally, I was called, I arrived to find her barely breathing, and unresponsive.

I was sent home with her with the phone number of a 24 hour emergency clinic. Later that night, she died in my lap on the way to that clinic. Elise Casey at Banfield's in Birmingham,AL killed my Suki.

The company settled with my attorney for the amount I paid for my puppy,and all medical expenses. Some justice, huh?

I don't hold Banfield responsible for killing my dog, just Elise Case(mau she rot in ***), BUT she is still employed there, and was never even reprimanded......Cally in Alabama

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She was probably overworked. Mistakes like that happen when the vet is trying to rush through such a major procedure like a spay.

However, sorry, but I need to say this. A Shorkie is a mutt. You said you spent a lot of money in a mutt.

There are countless mixed breed puppies in shelters very cheap and already spayed. There is no reason to reward an unethical breeder by paying a high amount of money for a mixed breed puppy w a fancy "breed" name.


Its sad, but thats the way the medical profession rolls, how many doctors in hospitals and such have patients die under them, or how many other vets have animals die.

I suspect complacency however, such a routine procedure she probably tried to speed or careless her way through it. Very sad :/


:( that is horrible.Contact the American Veterinary Association and report her.


sorry to hear that

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