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Friday February 1 2019. My wife and I dropped off our two schnauzers for a routine teeth cleaning. Banfield Pet Hospital had been seeing our dogs with routine check ups for more than 5 years. Our oldest schnauzer of 9 years was in for her last visit. On November 5th 2018.

During this exam the Dr. had mentioned to my that our oldest may have a heart murmur but not to worry " this happens to some dogs".

Upon dropping both dogs off we asked and paid for Banfield run any additional tests prior to administering the anesthesia for the teeth cleaning. Our concern was for our oldest 9 year old dog which we were told had a heart murmur but not to worry.

We are still not clear as to what tests Banfield had run prior to administering the anesthesia. We are still not clear as to what precautions had been taken for our oldest dog to give assurance she would wake up from the anesthesia. We were not given any answers as to why she did not wake up.

Our dog is now gone and she will be dearly missed. We were told that they are very sorry but she did not awaken after the anesthesia.

she was the greatest dog our family has ever had the privilege to raise. I know that I can never trust BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL with our other dogs. I am still looking for an answer as to what steps had been taken to prevent this death and why would they sedate a dog with a known heart condition and tell us she would be ok. We are told they will get back to us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Negligence Killed Our SCHNAUZER.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: I took my dog in for a teeth cleaning and they killed her.

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I’m very sorry for your loss. Schnaus are the best little dogs.

I wanted to note ‘routine teeth cleaning’ is a misnomer.

No anesthesia is routine, and it should never be treated as such. Even healthy animals (including humans) can die from general anesthesia.


Sedating a dog with a possible heart murmur should not be a problem. You should get an itemized listing of all medication/sedation drugs administered to the dog.

Then, have another vet look over the listing to see what he thinks. You always have the option of seeing an attorney in anticipation of a wrongful death or malpractice claim against Banfield.

But, you need more info from them. If they continue to stonewall you, a letter from an attorney may help with their intransigence.

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