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I am doing this as a service to other animals lovers. Stay away from them at all costs. I have a 4 year old cat who is on a prescription diet (suggested by her vet- a legitimate one, not Banfield affiliated) for allergies. She also has heart issues. It was suggested to me that I go to get her prescription diet here.... Was told that the cat had to be seen prior to getting a prescription card- had no problem with was reasonable. The vet suggested I get her teeth cleaned (scaled)- again, not a problem. My cat does have issues with her teeth, so this was not new. Here is where the trouble began---- I dropped her off at 7:45am the morning of the 'cleaning'. I was told that I would get an update in a few hours. No one called. I had to call them at 2:00pm to find out what was happening. The nurse said the surgery was 'overbooked' but my cat would be taken back (..never would have left her if I was told the truth). Got a call at 4:00pm saying that my cat is 'out of control', 'very upset'----hmm, you think so, no food or water since the night before...I would be upset too). I get down there- no apology, no explanation-- I had to demand what happened! No one would answer me. From the explanation I got, people were afraid of her....very sad, considering she is only 10 pounds. If you are 'scared' or can't deal with a cat like her....then why are you even working with animals? To top it off-- they gave her pre-anesthesia, while she was angry!- I called the Vet emergency service that I use --- to run this by them. Shocking- those jerks could have killed her. medicine to an agitated cat with heart problems. Even better, I was told to leave her overnight- they 'claim' my cat will calm down once she is used to the environment. I find it HARD to another day with no water/food...and they expect her to calm down? Whatever vet programs admitted these fools need to be fined- they are capable of killing someone's beloved pet. The icing on the cake was that Julie (a doctor?) suggested that if I don't like it, take her some place else.... So I said, a professional--- you bet...should have done it in the first place. I just found out that they lied about calling her cardiologist- can't put it into words what I am feeling- liar doesn't begin to cover it.

I intend to take my cat to a speciality center that I have used in the past. Looking at the blood work, I doubt that it is even her....they have her listed as a dog, when she is a cat! Even if the papers are correct, I would rather put out the money again just to have piece of mind.

Also- my cat needs HP 23 (prescription diet- allergies)- is there any other way that I can obtain the food without putting her in harms way (..dealing with people at Banfield). Another vet (competent, caring, etc..) has been unable to carry the food, and am looking for other options (or even substitutions?)....Can someone help me? Am open to all sugestions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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:? I had an awful experience with Banfield. I took our brand new puppy there and purchased the Wellness Plan to have all her shots updated. Needless to say they immediately told me she had an eye infection, so I purchased medicine that was not included in the package and gave it to her, then brought her back the next day to see if it had gotten any better, the Banfield Doctor said it did and instructed me that everything else was fine and to just watch here eye. The next day my puppy died, banfield was the only doctors that had seen my puppy, when I rushed my her to the emergency when I found her not breathing, i was told that she had 4 bold clots(1 in her throat) that stopped her breathing.... How could Banfield not have told me that. Then to top it off that would not let me cancel my payment to start the Wellness package. The doctor was heartless, when I called back to tell her what had happen. I have not been able to get another dog yet, But when I d oI would never go back. They really trick you into paying the $25/month wellness package, but honestly my dog paid the ultimate price.


I'm looking into purchasing a new puppy and they will not deal guarantee anything if you take your new pet to BANFIELD.. What does that tell you...

Sorry to all those out there that suffered at their cost.


I have to say I am very pleased with Banfield. I was nervous b/c of so many negative reviews on this and other sites, but I had an emergency on Sunday with my dog and this was the only place that was open.

They were so nice to me and my dog. The price was much cheaper than my regular vet, and I was very happy with the service I received.

Two days later I had an issue and spoke to the vet at length over the phone- something my regular vet never did. I'm now changing all my vet care to Banfield.


First off- I made the mistake of going to Banfield. The only reason why I went here is because my cat's prescription diet is cheaper ($50.00 for a bag vs. $38.00- Banfield was cheaper at 38). Normally I woud not have bothered but since the price of food went up, I made the mistake of going there- lesson learned (the hard way). FYI- my other cat (by the way, he lived to be 20 years old) had his share of health problems before he died, just like my present cat... So yes, I know how to care for a pet. I hope you don't have children....hate to think of what they would learn from a 'person' who jumps to conclusions without knowing facts. Mulch- get the facts before you make an assumption....(probably wasting my time- since you have no sense)

For the person who loves their job at care to explain why the policy is to sedate a cat who is already angry/pissed off- especially one with a heart problem. I spoke to my vet (..the ones who know what they are doing)- was told that my cat could have been KILLED from the negligence. I also found out (from the doctor who is competent- not negligent) that my cat's teeth were OK.....bottom line- Banfield tried to rip me off...and that is not counting the fact they almost killed my cat.

For "me"- thank goodness everything was straightened out. Lesson learned the hard way though (but am grateful my cat is still alive).


The cat needs a specialist, break the bank & go for it! Also, have you ever dealt with a "angry" 10 pound cat?

I have been hospitalized by those little *** twice. They are mad, fast & have sharp teeth, which harbor lots of debris. Maybe the cat was fine until the pre-meds were given. A sedated cat is verysensitive to light, sound, movements.

She could have gotten bad after that fact. Luckily she is okay.

Hopefully, you were able to get everything situated & her teeth are sparkling! :grin


Most of the time, if you take a valid perscription from your vet TO banfield, they should give you a medicard. They cannot refuse a valid prescription.

If that doesn't work, make sure you have to perscription, and go to Petsmart when banfield is closed. Petsmart can still sell the food without a medicard, they just don't like to do it.


Get a hamster.

Good lord you have delt with, had good experiences with other places, yet you go elsewhere? How much were you looking to save?

A CAT IS A LIVING BEING! Living beings need food, water and at time medical service. All that costs money. If you are not ready to spend money then you should not be allowed to have a pet.

If you have children I wonder how much you plan to save then they have a broken arm if you get your neighbor to set it instead of a real doctor.