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We got a new puppy (13 weeks) from a breeder and she said to have him completely checked and if anything was wrong, she would either take him back or pay for his medication. We went to Banfield and told them SPECIFICALLY that we wanted him to be checked all over physically, fecal exam, BLOOD WORK, EVERYTHING. The tech took him in the back and came back about 10 minutes later and said that he was fine and that the only thing they could find was that he had a yeast infection in his ears. They prescribed medication plus an ear wash. We were told to bring him back in 2 weeks for a check up. We gave him his medication like we were told and took him back. He still had an ear infection so they told us to continue it. He also began getting his immunizations. About 2 months later, I talked to the vet and told her that even though we do not live in a high risk area, we do travel to those areas, and wanted him to get the lepto vaccine. He also needed bordetella because we were going to Disney and they gave him Lyme vaccine as well. The vet said that he was going to be A LITTLE sore when we got home but to just let him rest. A LITTLE SORE MY BUTT!!!! Within an hour and a half of getting home, his little shoulder swelled to the size of a large grape and he could not lay on it and we could not even pick him up. He did not want to eat or drink anything because it hurt for him to stand, so you can imagine about how difficult it was for us to take him outside to go to the bathroom. I immediately called Banfield and voiced my concern and explained that we were supposed to be leaving to go out of town the next morning. All we were told was to put a compress on it, if he would let us, and if it was still "bothering him" in the morning, give them a call and they would get us an appointment within the next couple of days!!! WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

My husband and I went to Walgreen's and got some Children's Liquid Benadryl. We gave him a small dosage of that, which really seemed to help him. For the booster, we gave him the Benadryl BEFORE the shots! This was strike 2......

We then chose to have him fixed. This was a week long discussion between my husband and I, but I finally gave in. I dropped my puppy off at Banfield at 0730 on a Thursday morning. I cried all the way to work afterwards. My phone rang at 10:30 and it was Banfield. I was told that his liver enzymes were elevated so they could not give him the normal anesthesia that they use UNLESS I paid another $60 for a test so that they can make sure there is nothing wrong with his liver. (Remember earlier, I said Blood work when we had him checked out??) When I asked why they did not check his liver and/or enzymes in his last blood work set, they said that they did not have any record of doing ANY blood tests on him. When I asked if we used the "other" anesthesia, would it still be as effective. I was blatenly told that he would not be completely asleep and may feel some of the surgery. WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I told them NOT TO TOUCH MY DOG! I then called my husband in hysterics and since he worked across the street, he left work and went and picked him up. Banfield was told at that point, that we would NEVER bring him back to them nor would our beloved Mane Koon Cat ever be back!!!

We had their "Wellness Plan" but the extra blood tests were not covered. Banfield called me when I stopped the payment from coming out of our account. I explained everything to them and was told that it was notated on our account and have a nice day. They continue to call me at least once every other week and I keep telling them that we are not coming back.

Then, today, some dear friends of ours, who had also taken their dog to Banfield and Banfield "misdiagnosed" if that is what you want to call it, had to put their 12 year old Basset Hound to sleep. TRUST ME!!! IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR PET ALIVE AND HEALTHY, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO BANFIELD!!!

btw...we did take our puppy to a REAL vet a week later to get fixed. That vet said that yes, his liver enzymes were elevated, but no more than normal for an animal in a strange place around strange people. They were able to do the procedure with the normal anesthesia and he ended up with one stitch (because he was so tiny) and never had to take any pain meds. He slept most of that day but by the next morning, he was his usual, playful self. And he is still that way today :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Horrible customer service, Consistently lied, Stated services were performed that were no, Seemed to take quantity over quality, No bedside manners.

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Yikes! Your new, 'better' vet could easily have killed your puppy.

Pets do not get elevated liver enzymes as a result of stress, simply doesn't happen, so that was BS. Your puppy could have a portosystemic shunt and that elevated enzyme could & SHOULD have been fully worked up BEFORE an elective (i.e. non-emergency) surgery is performed. Otherwise if your puppy dies later of complications or a bad reactions to certain medications then it is all on you for not investigating it when you were told you should.

No idea what the 'other anesthesia' Banfield mentioned is - maybe just heavy sedation, which is less than ideal.

P.S ANY pet can have a vaccine reaction, they do happen, just like in people, and it is nothing that a vet 'does wrong'. That same batch of vaccine can be given to thousands and thousands of pets any only a handful will have reactions. Unfortunately you just can't tell before giving the vaccines which pets will have a reaction & which ones won't unless you already know that they have a history of having a reaction.

I do agree that they should have recommended a dose of diphenhydramine over the phone for you though as that does help.

P.P.S It is spelled Maine Coon - please educate yourself on this many apparently many other things before getting any more pets.


#1- The lump on the shoulder was likely a localized vaccine reaction. Vaccine reactions cannot be predicted.

MOST pets are just a little sore. If a pet has a reaction, the next time it's recommended to pre medicate with an injection of diph/benadryl to help prevent a reaction. This should have been offered to you if the pup was getting multiple vaccines at once and especially if it was a small breed.

#2 The doctors/techs present a treatment plan before doing anything. If the bloodwork was not on the treatment plan, you should have noticed since you are the one who requested it and could have reminded them that you wanted it done.

#3 The wellness plan is NOT insurance.

The booklets list everything included on the plan. Anything not listed of course there will be a charge for. They should have gone over all that is/isn't included when you signed up.

#4 A pet being around new people and new places cannot cause an elevated ALT (liver enzyme).

When the ALT is elevated, it is extremely important to do other testing to make sure the liver is functioning correctly. Especially in a puppy. If it's a small breed such as a yorkie , they are prone to having liver shunts. So Banfield was not wrong to decline doing the procedure without further testing.

You are extremely lucky that nothing happened to your pet when it got altered at the other vet. I bet you anything that if banfield would have said "These enzymes were elevated but it's nothing to worry about, we will proceed with surgery" and something happened to your pet, you would be on here writing about that.

As for them saying a different type of anesthesia, I have never heard of this. Unless they were talking about just sedating the pet, but a spay CANNOT be done with just sedation.

#5 a pet should have pain meds post surgery for at least 2-3 days.

If you had major surgery, you'd want pain meds right? Pets are extremely good at hiding pain. But also the pain meds usually prescribed post surgery are an anti inflammatory. So not only are they to help the pet be comfortable but they are also to keep the inflammation down.

I'm very sorry that you did not have a good experience.

Even tho I do not live in the same state as you, I still hate when someone has a bad experience. I'm sincerely happy that your pup recovered well from surgery.


Happy to hear all turned out well for your new puppy. I've read that several other pet owners puppies spay/neuter surgery performed at Banfield haven't gone well.

You did have the neutering procedure done at a private vets office as opposed to Banfield correct? At least that's what I assume from reading your post.

So, I'm not quite sure what the other posters comment is in reference to stating it was the same vet.


I would never take my pet to a vet that

#1 says high liver enzymes are ok to be high, especially in a small puppy, which is more likely yo have a liver shunt

#2 says a puppy after a surgery doesn't need pains meds because it only needed one stitch


You are crazy. Your new vet was same as ban field.

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