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I will NEVER NEVER NEVER take any animal back to Banfield for any type of care nor will I EVER recommend them to ANYONE! They did repeat bloodwork on Shady three times without ever giving me a real explanation on why only that his red blood cell count was low. Winders Corner (our new vet) explained to me that yes his red blood cell count is low but not at an alarming count and given Shadys symptoms he believes our dog may have a thyroid issue which was never checked in any of the three times banfield did bloodwork. Therefore we drew bloodwork today and will hopefully have these thyroid results back tomorrow. Then there's his hips and knees, he is moving quite slow. He had an injury to a leg quite some time ago, took him to banfield and they brushed it off as a sprain!! Well we did X-rays today at Winders Corner, hips are GREAT BUUUUTTT that supposed sprain nope not even close!!! He tore is ACL (human terms don't remember doggie term) but since it was so long ago surgery, which would've been recommended at the time of the injury, is not recommended due to this now being considered a chronic pain. So the outcome for this: my poor puppy has to be on pain meds the rest of his life at minimum twice a day :(

And he will possibly be on thyroid meds the rest of his life as well, but we'll deal with that when the bloodwork comes back.

Banfield - Bethlehem, ga location

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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File a written complaint against Banfield with the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. (May be called something a little different in your state.) Call the Office of Consumer Protection or your Attorney Generals Office and ask where to file your complaint.

Dont let them get away with their ignorance! Good luck!