Carmel, Indiana
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I made an appointment for a 6 month wellness check and learned that Banfield instituted a new rule no longer allowing pet owners to be in the same room with their pets when any procedure – even just a physical exam – is performed. I have two easily excitable cats that in the past have been soothed by my presence in the examination room (the room where there is a table and animals used to be checked over by the veterinarian with the owner present), allowing the veterinarian to perform procedures such as blood draws and vaccinations.

This is no longer allowed and their new policy resulted in a horrible visit as my cats were man handled out of my sight and sent into state of panic. Long story short, my cats did not receive a full exam and all of our time was wasted.

I simply was told they changed policies for my protection. Banfield’s new approach towards pet care is to sedate any pet that shows stress and perform even wellness checks under sedation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Somebody lied to you, that is not a new policy we have. You have every right to stay with your pet and if the hospital refuses that then you need a new hospital. Im sorry you and your kitties had such a terrible experience :(