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I actually have no complaints. I have four cats and they all have the wellness plans.

This plan has helped us so many times. The vets and staff have all been great. One of our cats had a really bad back injury. We were at a point to where we thought we had to put him down because of his suffering.

His vet never gave up on him. Now he's a happy active cat. Our vet went over and beyond for us.

in conclusion I would recommend Banfield to everyone and anyone. oh and no i am not a Banfield employee....

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Everyone.

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are you an employee or married to one? 1306 reviews and 22 positive...hmmmm


What a shill review. This is a complaint site.

Not a praise site.

There are way too many horror stories about banfield pet hospital for your shill review to be taken seriously. Clearly, you must work for them.


This is a site for PISSED CONSUMERS! Not advocates for Banfield, so I am sure you are connected to Banfield somehow.

Take your review to someone who gives a *** because those of us on here have had pets harmed or killed by Banfield, myself included! They killed my sweet Missy.


Oh my god, you again. Shut up already, stop trying to hijack everyones posts .

Let other people have their say just like you insist on having your say in your own complaint.

They have the same right to tell their stories too. From what I've read on yours this has more chance of being true than what you wrote.


My dog is dead ***, I have no reason to lie about that!


Go collect your next Banfield paycheck!


Thank you for saying what others have been thinking!


Wow. So anyone who has a positive review 'obviously' works for the company? Lady, you need help, the professional kind.


Apparently all of the dozens and dozens of people that disagree with this loons rantings must just work for Banfield, or that's how her deluded mind copes with the fact that people see through her lies.


I see through her lies. If she can lie and tell everyone that I work for Banfield who knows what other lies she is telling us.


She is a liar. The fact that she is lying and saying this person works for the company makes me doubt many things.

One of them is she claims she never made that post about wanting her daughter dead. She accused me of working for Banfield which turned out to be a lie.

If she is making lies about me working at Banfield what other lies is she telling us? Just makes you wonder.


Oh grow up if you knew how to read you would know that you can choose to compliment a company as well. Just because you killed your own dog and need a scapegoat for it does not mean that a person cannot write a compliment for the company.

They have every right to express their feelings if they want to. I like how you ASSume that this is an advocate for Banfield.

You also make foolish posts about wanting your daughter dead rather than your dog because you loved your sweet Missy more than your child. Then you find another scapegoat for that post, which happens to be me.


Ah ha ha ha. You know I feel bad that your pet passed away.

It's sad that you're discriminating those who have had a good experience. This is America and we are all entitled to our opinions, yourself included. I don't know you and I am not familiar with the Banfield in your area. I am a medical assistant and a mother of two kids and four cats.

So no I don't work with them. Think what you want. No one cares.

So my advice to you is take your complaint and shove it...... Good luck with your feature pets.........


And you still need to go get that professional help.You still are only hurting your self.It is what missy would have wanted for you and you know it!Do not disrespect her memory by not getting the help you so desperately need.Go check yourself in somewhere now.