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We had a very disappointing and heartbreaking experience at this location. My mother took her sick dog to Banfield @ Fontainebleau in Miami.

Our dog had a very accute medical record and slim chances of survival. Instead of support and consideration, the treatment we received from Dr. Enzo Bicchi was quite cold and blunt when talking to us. My mom and I were involved in pick ups and drop off with our dog while she was on liquids and when I picked up my mom's dog the first night night the dr.

was very short with me while explaining our dog's critical medical record. He shrugged me off immediately when I made a question, without even listening to what I had to say and once he figured out what I was asking him he retracted himself. Our dog needed IV liquids to get better and 2 days in a row the dog was not fed by their admission. When questioned, Dr.

said "we didn't feed her because if she dies, I don't want it to be my responsibility" and later proceeded to give me discharge papers to get treated elsewhere as he didn't want to deal with. The dog was keep in a cold room despite her temperature being very low and the state she was in. No effort was made to keep her warm and at least give her quality of life during her last days. It seems like he had no empathy of what we were going through and operated mechanically with no consideration of what the stress this could lead you to.

When we took our dog home, a nurse walked over to us and in a low voice told told us "you are better of taking her elsewhere then keeping her here". Shameful that one of their own could feel this way about their own place of work. Being in a medical field, (whether it is treating people or animals) should require you to not forget the human factor. We took our baby to another hospital this morning and the empathy and consideration we received was night and day.

Sadly, our dog will not survive but we assured that whoever is watching her is not a cold heart individual like Dr. Bicchi.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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