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Our dog needed an eye test for glaucoma. Banfield's tool to perform the test had expired batteries, which we were told after I took time off from work to take our dog to their location.

Banfield offered us the choice to drive to the nearest location or come back the next day. We declined both and instead found excellent service with a vet close to our home. Banfield charged us for an office visit, though no services were rendered.

They never sent a bill, but instead sent it directly to a collections agency. Plus, their estimated charge for the likely ultimate treatment of glaucoma was double the local vet's charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You should know that payment is due at the time of service. They did a physical exam which is a service.

I'm 100% positive that they told you the price of the physical exam/office visit.

I'm sure they told you to check out before leaving. But you chose not to. So yeah, they are not going to send a bill since payment is due at the time of service. Of course because you didn't pay they sent you to collections.

They deserve to be paid for the services they did, which was a physical exam.

I'm sure you made an appt for an eye problem and didn't know before going to the appointment that he would need a test for glaucoma.

So how would banfield know this before you went in?

They offered for you to come back and I'm sure they wouldn't have charged a visit fee or they offered to send you to another location. It sounds like you are complaining just to complain. Because they were trying to do what they could to help and you declined, SOO I'm failing to see how that's their fault.

So the other vet was cheaper. There are tons of places cheaper than banfield (which alot of the time means less quality of care, at least in my area) but there are alot of other places that are more expensive than banfield as well.

Prices will range where you go. That's well known.


Why should she she pay anything for a test they could not perform? I was sent to the wrong specialist, and was given a refund.

It was not my fault I was given the wrong referral, how is it the owner's fault Banfield are *** and Do not properly maintain their equipment?

They should not have to pay anything for wasting their time since the reason for the visit could not be performed. They are just money hungry.


It doesn't sound likes she payed for test, just an exam, which was done. Specialized batteries run out, equipment breaks, life happens.

No equipt has an indefinite shelf life. It sounds like they tried to remedy it by offering her to come back for the test or go to another location that had the equipment working?



I swear, some people have no common sense



The client needed to pay for an office /exam fee. How is Banfield supposed to know over the phone without doing a physical exam that they we're going to need to run this test.

And it's a specialised battery that you can't just get from Walmart. It needs to be specially ordered.


I've worked in the number of veterinary offices and you would be so surprised by how much they write off because clients complain. The General Public holds veterinary medicine at a lower standard.

Many of human medicines equipment and drugs are carried over into veterinary medicine. The office fee where I have worked at has been anywhere from $40 - $60. For me to go to my personal doctor and just talk with her it is $150. Just to talk with her that's not even with them doing an exam or Diagnostics.

Most members of my family work in human medicine. And I have compared many items on cost and veterinary medicine has actually cut costs so much just so clients will do what their pet needs.

And all of the doctors and nurses are not well-off. So is very unfair for you or anyone else to say the veterinary medicine is money hungry.


So I'm assuming that you've been to a human doctor. You know when the nurse and dictor take you in the exam room and they take your temperature heart rate and respiration rate.

They will take notes and ask you questions to determine a diagnosis or a game plan to achieve an appropriate diagnosis. This is called an exam. You have to at least pay for the exam that is done. It's unfortunate that the battery was not working for you that day.

But at least the hospital was nice enough to try to work with you. And as far as you being sent to collections a lot of offices are not allowed to leave an open invoice at the end of the day and it has to be sent to straight to collections.


I'm surprised they let you even leave with out paying for the office visit that you really shouldn't have to pay for anyway since they were unable to do the scheduled eye testing due to their equipment failure.

They have some nerve just turning you over to a collection agency for services that could not be performed when you arrived for your appointment.

So your getting charged for sitting in an office only to be informed their eye testing equipment isn't working because someone didn't check the batteries? That's BS, however doesn't surprise me.


No. They did not charge this person for sitting in a waiting room.

They charge this them for the exam fee! Not waiting in the waiting room.

Otherwise how would the doctor know what test they would want to do without having an initial exam. The owner paid for an exam!

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