Houston, Texas

I live in the Houston area. Our Banfield is great.

The doctors on staff are very informative and the techs are wonderful. The front staff know me and my pets. They are so friendly. They even call the next day to check on my dogs.

It is the nicest thing to have that follow-up call. It lets me know they care.

I understand that people may have bad experiences at one place, but that does not make the whole coporation bad. Also, if you are a pet owner, you need to take responsibility for your animal and be mindful and aware.

In some cases, you have to realize they have lived a good life but sadly they have little time left. Is it really important to put them under for surgeries. It's like an 80 year old having surgery.

Sometimes doctors just won't do it because the risks are greater than the quality of life that will result. You have to think about your pet in that respect as well.

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The Banfield vets here in Georgetown, Texas, are wonderful to our three doggies. Two males are much older and always are treated with great care and good judgement.

Our younger female is also treated well. We love Drs.

O'Hair and Williams! :)


I go to the Banfield in Macanicsburg PA and they are wonderful with my 3 year old Corgi and my 14 week old Collie puppy. And always get the best treatment there.

I love the vet and my animals love her to. I just wanted to say thank you.


I must say that most of the complaints I have read are totally ridiculous and unwarranted! My experiences with Banfield have been extremely pleasant and not in the least have I experienced any "price gouging".

My Rottie puppy loves her vet, Dr Sanders,and all of the techs she comes into contact with. All of them know her name and take time to rub the belly she so delightedly offers to them.

Keep up with the awesome job!! :zzz


I wanted to thank both of you for this comment. I work for Banfield as a technician and I work with some of the most amazing people.

As the tagline of the original post says, Not all Banfields are bad. Truly, I don't feel that they are bad in general. Everyone has a different experience. And, if you have a bad experience, please contact that hospital or someone to do with the location.

Anyone who works for Banfield wants to help resolve your concerns.

We truly do care about every pet that walks in our doors, we feel they are just like family. :)

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi, Queensilly –

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback you provided about our facility in Houston. It’s great to know you were happy with your experience there, and I will be sure to pass along your comments to our team. We look forward to seeing you and your dogs again soon!



Banfield Online Community Manager


The Banfield at Eldridge in Houston treated my 15 yr old cat after hrs and her regular vet

saw her on Monday after and said that the treatment was good and she lived a long and happy life. My foster dog also became sick suddenly and I took her there and the treatment was good and she recovered well.