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The wellness plans are not insurance. Stop saying they are.

When you call and ask to speak to the doctor, 95% of the time it's not going to happen. Messages will be delivered so try to keep your questions in your mind until the doctor gets back to you.

Do NOT come into Petsmart with a dog that is unleashed. It could end badly.

Do NOT put your puppy on the ground OR on the public scale. We have baby scales in the back and will be happy to share how much your pet weighs once in the exam room.


If you have a voicemail that attempts to "trick" the person calling into thinking you actually picked up and are talking, theres a special place in *** for you. It's not cute, it's not funny and it's absolutely annoying.

If there is no one up front, please wait patiently. Do NOT come into the back room. The sign that reads "medical personnel only" is there for a reason. If we have a crazy cat that fought its way out of a techs grasp and runs out the door because you're too impatient? *** move.

This has been stated a million times, but it just annoyed me enough to say it again. Forgive an associate if they call your pet by the wrong sex. We see so many pets, sometimes it just slips. RELAX.

Yelling, pouting and otherwise being an *** may eventually get you what you want, but we won't forget your face or name. Ever.

Theres a plaque outside of most banfields with at least one doctors name on it. Notice it. The doctors name is also printed on the bajillion sheets of paper that always seem to print out. If anything, how is no one *** about all the paper we waste?

Yes, some techs are hired with no experience. The vet tech role is relatively new and until it grows more, there's going to be a lot of OTJ techs. (Not that OTJ techs are bad, the ones at my Banfield are amazing and I can only hope to be as good as they are once I'm certified.)

Calling to check in on your pet is perfectly fine, but every hour? Please, take some time off and read or watch a movie. The more time we have to answer your calls the less time we have to monitor fluffy. We will call you asap.

Again, I've read this alot and I'm glad to see it - Everyone at banfield loves animals. If they didn't they wouldn't be there. Half the time I'd rather your pet than YOU.

At my location, we have a break in appointments from 12-2 to make time for rotating lunches and surgeries. If you walk up with your pet at 1pm and refuse to drop them off because the doctor isn't currently in, well, I'm not sure what I can do with you. Yes, you're on a wellness plan, but unfortunately that doesn't mean I can summon my doctor back with a wave of my ink pen.

If I say we're booked, we're booked. If I say the doctor isn't in, the doctor isn't in. Please stop thinking it's a conspiracy.

No one judges you if you don't sign up for a wellness plan. We only judge you if you bring in your pet who is practically draining blood from it's rectum 2 weeks after it started.

In our state, they don't recognize the 3 year vaccines as being valid. Please don't blame Banfield for this, it's out of our control. This also goes for rabies tags. We must charge you a fee for the tags as per our state. Please do not get your panties in a bind.

If you leave the premises with medications they are now yours. If money is an issue you can decline the meds until a later time. Again, no guns in your face.

A lot of the time our techs and doctors will do things for the pet and not charge the client. The most common services done are nail clips and ear cleaning. We even had a doctor to a T4 test for free. We want your pet to be as healthy as it can, not because you're paying us, but because it's an animal. And it's what we do.

Banfields vary for sure. My chief of staff is a partner of our hospital and is beloved by his clients. Find a Banfield with a team that you love and harbor some responsibility as a pet owner.

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It is messages like this why I would never trust my pets to Banfield. Why would I want to wait up to three or four hours when I can do so, get my vaccinations at wholesale cost at Golden State?

The clinic is packed, but the vet tech is much nicer than any employee at Banfield and does not have an entitled air about them. I want the vet I take my pets to explain what I am doing, and understand what they are checking for. I like someone that adores animals, but can also be personable. If I have concerns I want them addressed, and feel comfortable that my pet is in their care.

Why would I go to Banfield werr you yourselves say training is nonexistent, your over worked, you do not return phone calls, their is no consistency of doctors or employees. Many say it is a revolving door with people in and out, and it is a horrid place to work, and employees take it out on the animals and customers. It seems to me the vets are to busy to propery take the time needed to diagnosis properly, to safely perform surgery, and often rely on untrained staff to perform their job duties. Banfield has horrible customer service, that only care about money.

It makes me laugh they have a charity, I have read that employees pocket that too! They refuse to help animals in need and allow them to die. Wow! Banfield cares only for profit.

If you truly cared, you would clean and sterilize inbetween pets, to stop the spread of disease. But that would take out of Banfield's profits! Look at your holy than thou attitude. Someone needs to slap you off your little high horse.

F Banfield! I hope they go belly up!


I have had my critters (ferrets and canine companions) under the care of Banfield for 12 years and currently have all 3 of my canine babies under the wellness plan, which has saved me a lot of money. The chief of staff and his crew are fabulous and treat my kids as if they were their own.

I can't begin to offer enough praise for them.

They are thorough and have cried with me when I've had to say goodbye to more than one companion over the years. If you find that your particular Banfield isn't up to par, you can email directly to corporate headquarters and they will address the issue.

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