Topeka, Kansas

I would like to express my anger about the Banfield Pet Hospital in Joplin, Missouri. Seems that everytime I take my Yorkie in for her wellness check it seems to become a time to SELL SELL SELL. Ears, teeth, etc. I recently took her in for the Spay surgery and was hit with several question about her ears being cleaned, teeth being cleaned.......... I was later callled about her babby teeth not being lose enough on the bottom and the permenant teeth coming in under them. I was told this could effect her ***. I agreed to have the baby teeth removed and was called an hour later and was told a fecal exam was done and the dog required treatment for tapeworm and fleas. I have this dog on my lap every night and have never seen nor had the dog scratch like she has flea. I was told by the Banfield employee "I have a flea comb and can prove it."

First, i understand that the care of the dog is first, but I also think that the hosptial looks for thing to charge you to make more profits.

Second, I always wait at least an hour after my appointment was schedule before being seen by the Vet. I'm really tired of the banfield videos in the room while I wait.

Third, I pay for a preventitive plan and the extra money for fleas and heartworms. Why hasn't this worked to prevent the tapeworms.

I think I'm done with the preventitive program just as soon as I can get out of it. I will seek a independant vet and not a corporate vet.


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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