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Signed up for Puppy Wellness Plan (more expensive one at that!) Just had doggy develop UTI - was quoted over the phone UA would be around $40. When we arrived, was told that associate had misquoted cost - more like $95 and that he was thinking of costs from 2 years ago.

Total bill for antibiotics and urine capture: over $120. Has been my experience as well that although required vaccinations and neuter and any needed visits are covered, there are all of these "incidental" fees that while you get a "discount" it is at least $100 every time we hit the door. I will vigilant to follow the required protocol to NOT allow them to automatically renew Louie's wellness plan before the one-year anniversary.

He is a dachshund....I feel like we have paid more for this doggy than a year of one of our children's lives in medical costs! Ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Personal attention.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: High cost for noncovered services.

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The Wellness plan only covers the very basics in so far as the puppy's overall health care needs. Other then office visits being included at no charge.

Everything else will cost you out of pocket expenses.

i.e. any and all lab tests, medications etc.

Bandfields overall pricing is very high on medications, routine lab work & X-rays.

You can however save money on your pups prescription medications if you request the vet at Banfield give you a written prescription that you can have filled at a local pharmacy or pet supply pharmacy such as Foster & Smith or KV Pet Supply.

Vet's by law can not force you to purchase their in house pharmacy products or medications.