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We made the difficult decision to put our cat down because he had a terrible infection which caused puss to literally pour from his shoulder like a faucet and this was the third abscess he had had in 2 years. We could not afford to get him the required treatment and he cannot get better without it. He is 9 years old and not of a good disposition to ever be adopted by another family.

I scheduled an appointment to euthanize him without being told the decision would not be mine to make. After sneaking him out of the house without detection by my 4 children, I sat in a waiting room for 30 minutes before being seen by a tech. I explained the situation and then waited another 25 minutes before a vet came in. The vet informed me that even though my cat was obviously ill, she could not euthanize because him because it was a treatable condition. A condition that I had clearly explained to the person making the appointment and the appointment was made to euthanize only after I sat on hold so they could consult with a vet.

My only choice at this point was to take my sick cat back home or sign it over to the shelter. The shelter will eventually euthanize my cat but only after making it wait, sick and alone and scared, while they determine that it is not adoptable. I love my cat way too much to abandon him at a time like this but my choice was between doing what was best for my children or doing what was best for my cat by taking him back home until I could find someone that would euthanize him with me by his side. Had I brought him home, there is no way I could have avoided my 4 children learning that he was sick and needed to be put down so through tears I signed him over to these evil people who apparently think they are somehow morally superior and better able to determine what is a humane end to my pet of nearly a decade. How dare they!

What sick human beings would send a cat to spend his last days scared and sick and alone in a strange place where he can't even get out to go to the bathroom. He is undoubtedly sitting somewhere suffering right now and I'm sitting here crying because I did this to him and I can never know when his suffering will end.

To top it off, they never even took my cat out of his cage or examined him in any way but still had the nerve to charge me $45 for an office visit. I would have gladly paid for him to be humanely put down but to be tricked into bringing him in and then forced to pay $45 so they could tell me they would not honor my wishes was beyond ridiculous.

I so abhor these people who placed their judgment above mine and imposed their disturbed idea of what is humane on a sick animal who has a family that loves him and who will never be able to understand why he was abandoned. I will never take a pet back there and I strongly suggest others do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Outside of every Banfield is a sign that states the vet can decline a euthanasia for any reason, including a treatable condition. At the end of the day, this company allows the doctor to decide which lives they humanely take, and I admire that. Many doctors will decline convience euthanasias.


I fullyconcur...had the same experience with 2 elderly dogs with extreme mobilty problems. I don't know if Banfield vets think they are superior or they are against euthanasia or if it just try to milk you for every penny but it is disgusting. They made a difficult decision infinitely worse and we will never return there.


you realize they would earn more money by doing the euthanaisai rather than having to go through the hassle of boarding the pet until a rescue/shelter can collect it...right...they actually lose oney on re-homing and rescuing pets, so it's clearly not about the money at all.


Why didn't you go to another vet instead of leaving him there ? wtf you should be mad at yourself for not going elsewhere


:eek :roll :sigh :cry :? :(


ARE YOU INSANE??? You wanted to put your cat down for an ABSCESS?!?!?

That is absolutely a treatable condition. How did your cat get such an abscess? Did he get in a fight and you just let it fester because you were too cheap to take him to a vet right away? I agree with a lot of Banfield criticism on this site, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

It's unethical to put an animal down for a treatable condition just because the owner is too cheap to pay for services.

You had a life in your hands, you needed to take care of it (and yes, that includes being responsible for finances). Banfield did the right thing here.


I went through a similar situation with Banfield and I absolutely WILL NOT ever go to another one of their facilities. My saint bernard had puppies and one was the runt and very ill from the beginning. Having the maternal instinct, the mother pushed him aside and I suspect he would have died had I not intervened. My partner and I brought him inside and hand fed the poor thing as the puppy's condition worsened. We did everything we could to keep him warm and did everything we could to keep him comfortable. The poor thing started to yelp loudly as if it was in agony, so when we realized he just wasn't getting better, and since we started having hard time getting him to eat, we opted to take him to the local banfield for help. Now keep in mind we had never been to a banfield so I had no idea what to expect. Had I known then what I know now, I would never have taken him there.

The vet came in and examined him. I was very specific and questioned whether or not he was in and whether we should go ahead and have him put to sleep to put him out of his misery. The vet said "no he is fine, just keep him warm and continue to feed him and keep him hydrated". So having no choice but to believe the vet, and after i asked one last time if he is suffering, we left with some products from pets mart to keep him warm and to help him remain comfortable while we nursed him to health. The very next day the pup continued to wail and it broke my heart. Then out of nowhere the pup's whole body stiffened up and he became very agitated and he became quiet. Fearing the worst, my partner and I took him to a 24 hour emergency clinic. After meeting with the vet, she took him to examine and came back with horrifying news. It turns out he wasn't getting enough fluids and was severely dehydrated. She also informed us that he was ABSOLUTELY suffering and feeling pain and then told us that when he went stiff for a moment, he was going through cardiac arrest. We told her what banfield said and she told us they should never have let us take him home as there was no way he could make it. Ultimately she told us she advised we put him to sleep so he was not suffering. At this point both my partner and I began to cry because we had grown attached to the poor thing. We both agreed it wasn't fair for him to suffer and agreed to have him euthanized. After we said our final goodbyes, through all the tears, rubbed his head as he went to sleep.

I was in absolute shock and dismay to think that Banfield led us to believe he was fine and in no pain. He spent a whole night after the visit there in agony. So not only did we have to pay all the fees Banfield imposed on us (And they tried to get us to join the wellness plan), but we also had to pay all the fees at the emergency clinic. The vet at the emergency clinic was so compassionate and understanding of our feelings. While the clowns at Banfield could care less what we were dealing with and only had their hands open for payment.

Even now as I type I still feel sick to my stomach to think this poor pup suffered and while we tried to get it the help he needed, we were given a load of lies. Banfield has no care for the animals they vow to treat and they could give a *** less what the pets owners are feeling.

DO NOT use banfield...They are incompetent and cold.

Banfield P


I want to send my sympathies to you for the situation you are in with your cat. From this post, I cannot speak for the specific location that you visited, but we would like to discuss your situation with you directly. You can reach us by calling our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.


Its unethical (& i suspect illegal) to charge for an exam and then not provide the service. Id consider contacting the state board of veterinary medicine in your state and they will investigate. Sorry for your loss.


i feel you because the same thing happened to me and my dog who i still love even though i dont have him no more. These people dont have hearts.

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