Culpeper, Virginia

The 2 most recent examples was 1) a golden retrieverr with about an 8" laceration on the side that was stapled closed using sedation/lidocaine. Their estimate from Banfield was $1890-$200 with the only other option to euthnaize for $51; our charge was around $250 but if they had done NOTHING but tape and topical antibiotics, the dog would have been fine.

2) a 7 yr old min-pin with horrible dental disease, alot of pain and would not eat was given an estimate of $1700 or kill the pet for $51. The dental was done at our office for about $378 and the dog did great. Another older example was a 2 year old dog with heartworm disease, no clinical signs- the option was $1500 heartworm treatment and the dog was euthanized becasue owner could not afford it. On heartguard alone, the dog stood a much better chance at survival

They should give the 3rd option of going to another veterinarian before they kill someones beloved pet.

We do call theri main office every time we get one of these cases in.

They can charge how much they want, their choice. But the only other option should NOT be euthanasia when other vets in the area would treat the pet at the fraction of the cost.

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You said, "It's pretty common knowledge that a Hospital costs more than a Private Practice. This is a universal fact for humans and pets."

It's actually the opposite.


Anonymous, we apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals did not meet your expectation. We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit.

Banfield appreciates your feedback.

We are currently unaware of this situation and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly so we can gather more information. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288, thank you.


I agree with "Whoa there!" 100%.

I take our two dogs to a Banfield and their care as well as their monthly membership (which I love! Has saved us almost $2000 on one dog) are fine with me. Our local vet where my sister goes is fine as well.

Let's not assume things when it is possible the facts are not complete and the statements appear to be second hand.


It's pretty common knowledge that a Hospital costs more than a Private Practice. This is a universal fact for humans and pets.

I went to a Private Practice for this same reason and you are going to tell us that a private practice will help when you can't afford the crazy prices? (yes the prices are still insane at the private level)

You are nuts. My 40lb terrier had 1 single *** mark on the top of her head between her ear and her eye. It was bleeding, but not very deep, and there was no tearing, it was just a simple puncture wound from 1 single tooth of another dog.

They asked me for $500 or they wouldn't help me and would allow my dog to bleed to death.

And that's a private vet. So don't give us any *** about private vets caring more.


and just to clarify, I meant that it is unprofessional to bash a veterinary clinic publicly through information you heard through a second party. I know that I made some assumptions on your clinic, but that was based directly on what you yourself had said.


I think it is really unprofessional of you to publicly defame another veterinary hospital, especially one that you had no direct contact with. You merely heard this information through your clients. In the veterinary profession, this is considered very unprofessional.

Second, you are clearly not knowledgeable about veterinary medicine. I hope to God you are not a tech or doctor, because that really speaks to the quality of your practice. No wonder you are cheaper, with misinformed employees such as yourself. A dog with heartworms CANNOT be treated with heartgard. Heartgard is PREVENTION only. It only works to kill the larval form of the parasite. Once the adult worms have developed, it is actually harmful to give this product. The reason for this is because it will not effectively kill the all adult worms, but it may cause pieces of them to break away. As you should, but probably don't know, heartworms develop in the right ventricle and the lungs. A sudden breakage of a piece of the worm could cause an embolism. An embolism is a blockage of blood supply due to clogged blood vessels (in this case due to the heartworm fragment). This could KILL the pet if it lodges in the wrong spot. There are only 2 ways to treat a heartworm positive dog: surgical resection (which is very rarely done) or treatment with immiticide. There is a shortage of immiticide right now, and it is on national backorder for veterinarians EVERWHERE, which is probably driving up the price.

And SERIOUSLY? close a laceration? Tape would only hold the epidermis together, but would do nothing to close the lacerated subcutaneous tissue. I've NEVER seen anyone close a laceration with tape.

Do you even know what goes into their pricing? Before all anesthetic procedures, they do preanesthetic bloodwork to ensure the pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia, insert an IV/catheter to administer fluids to keep the blood pressure up during surgery, and have state of the art monitoring equipment? Can your hospital boast all of these with your prices?

I'm not necessarily defending Banfield, but of course their prices are higher than yours. Clearly your hospital staffs unprofessional, unknowledgeable individuals such as yourself.

I'm all for bargain veterinary clinics, there is certainly a need for them. But honestly you get what you pay for. I've worked at 3 different hospitals - one was completely rundown, one was a Banfield, and the other was a state of the art, high service hospital. In each case, I believe that you get what you pay for. Banfield's prices are definitely mid-range, and so is their level of care.

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