Framingham, Massachusetts

Let me share my story. I found a small lump on my dog, Hera's hip/thigh area.

It was smaller than a marble and we decided to take her in and have it checked out just to be safe. They did a biopsy and sent it to a lab, and it came back as spindle cell sarcoma, which is a type of cancer that rarely spreads in dogs, but IS locally invasive. We scheduled a surgery where the removed the tumor - just the tumor (The specialist I took her to after said "They just did a scoop job"). Well, this type of tumor has roots, so they wanted to do a SECOND surgery.

I believe they knowingly did this just to get paid twice, as the first surgery margins were so narrow, they could be quite confident the problem was still there. After a second surgery with a specialist else where, Hera is now cancer free. I would never bring another pet there - they are clearly only after your money.

None of the vets had ever displayed any type of warmth towards my pet at all like at other vets. Its all business, and then "NEXT"!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Medical practice is a business whether human M.D or animal DVM

its all about the money.


Reality check. If you want practices to stay open it HAS to be about the business.

They have to pay for the vets salary, the techs salary, the receptionists salary, the rent of the office, the purchase costs & upkeep of all the VERY expensive bloodwork/xray/surgery equiptment, they have to pay the utilities, the costs of purchasing any drugs used/kept in stock, they have to pay for insurance for their staff, malpractice/libility insurance - I could go on & on.

Running a medical business isn't cheap, yet somehow people expect that medical costs will be low??? It is unrealistic I am afraid.

It's not all about the money - but it is expensive to keep these businesses running & able to pay all the bills.

FYI - I work in the Veterinary field - none of us are rich, in fact most of us barely scrape by financially, working VERY long, unsocial, stressful hours & are drowning in student debt.

Having said that there is no excuse for doing a poor job - if they knew this was an invasive cancer then they should have taken large margins.


My problem isn't with the cost. I have a problem with the treatment of my 5 month old puppy while he is in their care.

He was there for a neuter. I DO expect that Vets/Nurses/technicians would know how to handle scared animals. He was so scared that when we picked him up he was found in a corner in his own ***. This Hospital didn't even have any sedation meds on hand.

They told my boyfriend it was because they don't anticipate this kind of thing and then when I called the person on the phone said well the Dr is new here and that is the brand she likes so we have to order and it takes 2 weeks. This is a Hospital where they do surgery's I would think that they would be keeping sedation meds on hand since they do surgery all the time there.

And as far as that Cancer Complaint goes. if the Dr is unsure about the Cancer and how to treat it.

they should have recommended him to see another Dr. that is exactly what Dr's do for humans why wouldn't they do the same for our pets.

Our pets aren't just animals they are FAMILY MEMBERS and that is why people pay so much to have them taken care of by qualified educated people.


But most people aren't paying much....and complain about having to pay. This means corners have to get cut, less commonly used drugs aren't kept in stock, less experienced vets/techs are hired because the more experienced one cost more.

The more people push for cheap care, the poorer the quality of care will be, which is what it sounds like happened in your case.

Like with Banfield - you get what you pay for. A board certified surgeon would cost a LOT more than a chop shop like Banfield.


My vet is reasonable, and I do not expect my animals care to be free, but Banfield is ridiculous! They upscale their prescription 1000 for profit!

My vet is reasonable, caring, and truly loves animals. Banfield vet's and staff just want commission and are money hungry.

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