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we took our 8 year old beagle to Banfield in new jersey and she needed bladder stone surgery. So we got the wellness plan saving us 1000 dollars.

They did rush the surgery, because she started urinating the stones out, the first 3 days she was fine and eating the s/d food like they wanted. Then, she stopped eating, 3 days later we brought her to the vet again to check her out and they ran tests. 1st they said her stomach might have flipped, then it could be heart disease. They didn't want to check to see if she had heart disease, or if it could be something else.

It seemed like they were just guessing. They said her abdomen was filling up with water, so I did my research, they could have tested the fluid, but they didn't. She had a red spot on her stomach that looked like a infection, but they said it couldn't be that. Then, I started thinking could something have gone wrong in the surgery?

2 weeks later we take her back and they said it could be cancer but they checked all her organs during surgery and everything was fine. Cancer just doesn't come up with out trying to kill off something. They wanted to do a ultrasound, but we couldn't afford it. We had to put her down, and it cost 138 and we couldn't even get the ashes because it would have been 638, and we had the wellness plan.

It's awful how they treat there customers and there pets. and now we have to pay 40 a month for a dog we don't have anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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hello, first i would like to say sorry for you loss. This same thing happened to my dog and instead of taking her to banfield again i took her to another local vet.

They did a whole bunch of test and noticed that they punctured her bladder. She had many surgeries and is still with us today. I don't believe it was cancer either, since mine didnt have cancer.

With all the reviews and complaints about Banfield it surprises me that people still defend them. Again, sorry for your loss.


"Cancer just doesn't come up with out trying to kill off something"

Actually, yes it does. Cancer isn't caused by cells trying to kill an infection.

They're abnormalities of cells. As for the vets playing a guessing game, many times it is with medicine. You start with what could be the lesser cause and move your way forward, ruling out things. LIke, for instance, if your dog comes in with bloody stools.

That could range anywhere from a change in their diet (which is simple) to Parvo, which can kill them. It sounds to me like your vets did the right thing by weeding out the little things first. I'm very sorry about your dog's loss.

It's always inasnely hard to lose a pet. But please know that not every animal CAN be saved, and vets, while it is their job to heal, are not miracle workers.

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