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Banfield sold me a 12-month ($24.95/month) wellness program (plan) for my puppy dog. The plan supposedly included all visits to the vet relating to its planned vaccines and neutering.

The plan discounts the costs of unplanned care—basically a health plan. I became dissatisfied with the plan during an emergency. I first took my dog to Banfield hoping to take advantage of the plan. Before Banfield’s vet saw the dog, their staff requested an upfront payment of $350 to cover the initial diagnostics without any indication of how much the visit/treatment could potentially cost.

Even with the discount provided by the plan, the schedule of fees was absurd. Indignantly I demanded the plan to be immediately discontinued and took the dog to another vet. The staff indicated I still had 2-3 few months left from the first 12 months which I paid in full. Banfield continued to monthly charge my credit card for the plan past the 12-month agreement.

Banfield refused to refund any charges alleging that the plan renews automatically for another 12 months. The wellness program is being perpetually billed to me despite my numerous demands to cancel and blocked charges to my credit card. I received a letter from a collections agency representing Banfield billing me for an entire year for services I never used.

I was forced to pay for an entire year plus collections fees. At this point, I’m unable to immediately cancel the program because it is renewed automatically and now yearly billed by means of a collection agency because charges to my credit cards are being blocked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $293.

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It's all about milking each and every consumer as much has possible regardless of how your pet is sick/ well it doesn't matter they just want to maximize their profitsi had to put my dog down yesterday after he got sick from this so called preventative plan- overloaded on vaccines designed for large dogs multi dosed to death - they mked me really good only got 1200 out of me before Tommy had to be put down- they never found a cause neither did the emergency clinic who simply looked at banfields bloodworm and didn't question it. No mystery to me - look on FACEBOOK "boycott Banfield" you'll see his picture such a beautiful beagle


This is true. They get you in with the plan and charge you as much as they can. I personally know one of the doctors at the coon rapids, mn clinic whose goal is to do this so she can pay for her Audi.


So you said it yourself, the plan you signed up for" includes all office visits to the vet, planned vaccines, and neuter" not an EMERGENCY, its not insurance, it is a package of preventative care which includes free office visits if there are concerns. There are ERs for emergencies.

Also if you read that thing you signed, like you are supposed to... called the CONTRACT for Wellness plan you would know that the plan automatically renews at the end of plan year to start another year on an adult plan. See im lucky that MY BANFIELD explains all of this and are AMAZING WITH MY DOGS! WELL WORTH THE $ I HAVE SPENT.

Not to say they all are...but mine is. ,)

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