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On 11/22/2011 I took my dog to Banfield to have her mouth examined. She had not been eating for a couple of days and it looked like it might be an abcess on the roof of her mouth. I aksed them to look at the roof of her mouth and tell us what was wrong. As they always do, my pet was removed from the examining room and taken out back, out of our sight. I was given the spiel about the Wellness Plan. I told the tech that I was there to have her mouth checked but would consider it. When my pet was returned to the examining room, I was told that they did not see anything in her mouth and she had been given a series of vaccinations. My daughter was with me when the vet said she didn't see anything and she opened my pet's mouth for the vet to see. The vet then said "oh, that doesn't look good" and left the room never to return. The vet suggested to the tech that I make an appointment for 2 weeks to have her teeth cleaned. I was irate at the bill for over $100.00, considering that I had not received the service that I was there for. I left there and the next morning took my pet to a very highly respected veterinary specialist clinic. The vet there took one look in her mouth and said she had a mass that was very onvious and that it was probably cancer. She did not understand why Banfield could not see it if in fact they had looked in her mouth. I did not have the money to treat her and 3 weeks later had to euthanize her. The cancer had spread very quickly and for the last wek or soo she was in pain.

I made a series of complaints to Banfield main office. First contacting customer service. I was contacted by the Field Sales Manager and she apologized and told me that they would not porocess my check. Well they did, but by that time I had put a stop payment on my check suspecting that things would not go as I was promised. Sure enough, they sent my check through. Subsequesnt conversations with the main office and with the local facility have done no good. They maintain that I owe them for services rendered even though I did not receive the one servuce I had requested, which was please tell me what was wrong with my dog's moutth. I have talked to several different departments at Banfield, asking to speak to a manager and was told that there was no one at the main office that could help me. It seems that the only person with any power at Banfield is the local office manager, who is spouting the company line and telling me he can't help me. Really? It seems to me that that's a case of the fox guarding the hen house. Just BE AWARE that if you have a problem, you have no avenue of appeal except through the same people that provided the shoddy service. Banfield does not care about your pet or any kind of service to the customer... they are a money making machine whose sole purpose is to push medicine and services. Please save yourself from being used.

I have since talked with serveral very reputible veterinarians and to a person they have told me that dogs do not need to be vaccinated every year and certainly not every six months. The Wellness Plan is no bargain and locks you into paying monthly for services you do not need. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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We are so sorry to hear about your loss. We would like to look into these concerns further.

Even though you mentioned that you have been in contact with our customer service team, we are unable to clearly identify you from the details listed in your review.

In order for us to pass along these notes to add to your file and follow up with you, we would appreciate it if you would contact us again at 877-500-2288 or internet.inquiries@banfield.net. Again, we are sorry for you and your family’s loss.

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