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Our 2 border collie siblings have gone to banfield for 6 yrs. I took the boy to banfield to be neutered but he failed the pre-surgery labs - losing protein from his kidneys. Turns out he's been positive for lyme for 3 yrs, but since he showed no symptoms they opted not to treat.

Now he is in renal failure and will die very soon. This could have been easily treated if they had suggested the proper follow-up. We were only questioned about symptoms and not informed as to how serious this could get.

Last month I inquired about having my 20 yr old almost immobile cat put to sleep due to his failing health. The wanted $150.00 minimum because it is there policy to do a complete exam first to make sure it was the right thing to do. He was in so much pain we hurt him everytime we touched him. I ended up taking him to the SPCA and paying a donation. Did banfield think he had a few good years left in him at age 20?

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I am so sorry!


Do you live in a high tick area? If you do you should get your pets vaccinated for lyme disease!

Its kinda your own fault for not properly getting them vaccinated. Renal disease can be caused by a number of things, so there may be a number of underlying factors. If you want your cat euthanized in a cold and none heartfelt way, take him to the pound. Unlike the SPCA or humane society, Banfield places an IV catheter so the procedure is quicker and less painful to the pet.

Even if my pet is in tons of pain, I want the best posible way for him to go. I had to put my dog down a couple months ago, so I know what you are going through but when I recieved the bill for $170 I didn't complain because I knew I got good service and my pet didn't suffer during any part of it.


you are a ***. the exam is to make sure that your non educated self is not missing a treatable condition.

if you dont want to pay 150 dollars to make sure that you are making the right decision you should not own a pet. think before you write/speak.


Banfield employees should be euthanized!!


My condolences....

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