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Our puppy (1 year and 4 months) had been a patient of banfield for the last year and we were on the wellness program. We had been very happy up until now.

Our puppy was fixed at banfield and then a year later was suffering some stomach problems. I took her severa; times for stomach issues, vomitting, etc. They gave her medicine to take, gave her iv solution for two days and hand fed her for a day and took numerous x-rays ( gas was what they saw on the x-rays. Then gave her the barium to see where the blockage was...

Found that it didn't go far, so had to do xploratory surgery. Once they got it they called and told us what they found and they were not able to do antyhing at this point, becasue the doc did not feel comfortable doing this intricate of a surgery, but they could sew her back up and we could then transport her to a hopital and surgeon 2 hours away who may be aboe to help her (already costed $3,000.00) to this point. We did not choose to transport her, what if she would die on the way? So..

they could not do not anything else at this point, but to let her die ( or euthanize her). They did not tell of these kind of complications and they were unable to do these kinds of operations before hand. When they took my baby in they assured me that she would be ok. If only I would have known that I would never see my baby alive again.

Nor would my kids .....We are so very sad and lost without her.

We all have *** in our hearts and lives.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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It seems like the vet did everthing he/she was suppose to up to the point of surgery. The vet should have sent you to the Emergency Referral place for the actual surgery, that could have made all the difference and possibly have saved your pet's life.

The only real issue I have with Banfield is that they are not a hospital, repeat: Not A Hospital, but a clinic. They can spay, neuter, dentals, general things but anything complicated I would steer clear away from them. Their vets are often fresh out of vet school and many of them are graduates of second rate schools, like the caribbean. I knew someone who went to vet school in Mexico for 15 dollars a semester because she knew banfield would take her in a heart beat and she would make a ton a money.

Thats the kind of vets they hire, and I forgot to mention they take vets with marks on the records, serious marks on their record from the AVMA. So just be cautious people.

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