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We will be cancelling as soon as our plan is up. At our Banfield there has been so many different "doctors" at our location that they do not even know our pets.

They make so many appointments at one time that we have to wait forever. One of our dogs suffers from anxiety and we always ask for the first appointment so he doesn't get stressed. After waiting for an hour just to get into a room and another 20 minutes to be seen, and having to hear my dog whine and moan for an hour the vet had the nerve to laugh saying he needs to be on meds. My heeler who I had dropped off a few times started attacking a certain vet.

She has and had never attacked anyone before and has only attacked that vet! What did the vet do to her? At our last appointment the nurse came in and started poking on our heeler who has hip dysplasia and is not to have any shots in her rear end. I stopped the nurse and I asked her if she had reviewed the file.

She laughed and said no and then read her file. Her reply was oh I am not supposed to do that. I was pissed. What if I had dropped her off and not been there?

I am assuming that is what the other vet did. Or mix breed has stomach issues (he sneaks other food he is not suppose to eat) and when we took him into Banfield we saw a new doctor. SURPRISE! He had us believing it wasn't the same thing that the other vet at Banfield said it was.

I told him the dog had the EXACT same symptoms and he had been at someone else's house and got into their dog food…no he told us it was life threatening and he may not make it…$700 later it was the same thing the other vet said that cost $30 to take care of! Yes in the end the $30 of medication is what he needed!!!! None of the vets agree witht the same type of treatment either. One vet said to give milk of magnesia the other vet said no, that can make them sicker.

Who am I to believe? They told us to pick the vet we wanted…did they log it? NO! One vet didn't even document what she did for our dog and had no clue what we were talking about and agrued with my husband when we had to return for more treatment.

I wrote everything down she said to do at the visit and her freaking name was on the prescription bottle. She didn't want to look at it (this is the same vet my dog likes to attack now)! They do not treat your pets as anything else than an object that brings in the cash. I wanted to cancel our plan but we are in a contract and cannot cancel until the time comes.

So here we are paying for horrible services. Our pets are our children every time we go to Banfield I feel like a horrible parent.

Can't wait till the plan is up! I have told everyone I know not to use the Wellness Plan!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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We are in the same boat. I cant wait the time to cancel the contract. I do not want this.

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