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Today I had to euthanize my 13 1/2 year old cat. Yesterday, at Banfield they did bloodwork, thyroid testing, nauseau medicine, thyroid medicine and if all this did not help come back in 3 weeks and we will euthanize him.

The cat was dehydrated and could not hold down his food let alone 3 thyroid pills, 1/4 nausea tablet and a liquid tablet. He was throwing up bile last night and was crying in pain. Thanks Banfield for ripping me off. I should have gone with my gut instinct and put him down yesterday instead of him being in pain another moment.

Oh and that would have run me $150.00 to put him to sleep.

My local vet put him down comfortably for $50.00 Too bad I have the wellness plan for my puppy. Once that is over I will be going to back to HAMILTON RIDGE ANIMAL HOSPITAL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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dude, next time just do it. Cat's go downhill extremely fast.

he could have had a number of problems. I recently saw a cat that was positive for FIV and leukemia. it's a tough decision but sometimes it has to be done.

And banfield get your head out of your ***.

you guys care about money and that alone. you make the doctors pull up things where they know they should be euthanizing.

people keep that in mind next time you are perhaps there. the docs have to pull extra *** up because they are required to.


I am a long time Vet tech, and NO I am not trying to pretend I know anything more then the paramiters of my training. But here is the thing that has bothered me for a very long time when people are faced with the terrible UNMISTAKABLE need to euthanize a beloved pet due to an unrecoverable emergency, or moribund animal.

Please do not wait, and allow your pet to suffer any longer then needed to end the pain and distress they are feeling.

Get past the idea that a humane method of euthanizig your pet at home is barbaric and not the right thing to do. Call upon a trusted neighbor or others to help.

It is heart breaking for everyone to know that an animal has suffered for hours or even days before being brought in to be euthanized.

there is not reason for it. if you have any doubts as to the humane methods, please do an internet search, or ask others with the knowledge BEFORE it has to be done.

@A word about euthanization.

You should be ashamed of yourself. A medical professional should not advocate the killing of animals by untrained individuals, nor obtaining reliable, scientific information from "the internet".


I have several very loved pets myself. And, yes,I am a responsible, and caring owner. I have, and will spend a reasonable amount of money to keep them healthy, and happy, as well as address any illness or injury that arises. That being said,

i undertand your frustration regarding the events leading to the lost of your beloved cat, but here's the thing.

The vet, no matter who it is, had to take these tests to try and locate the issues with your cat, and until the diagnosis can be made will offer broad treatment and supportive care medications until such time that accurate diagnosis can be made. It was likely at the time of examination that no one could predict the rapid deteriation of your cat.(often the simple act of taking a pet out of a comfortable location only to be examined,prodded, and stuck is very stressful that will help to push an illness forward much faster)

as a vet tech, I see this happen often, and this is likely the situation.

Unlike other 'professions' I see most vets not looking to get rich, but for love of animals. Again, sorry for your loss.

Banfield P


From all of us at Banfield, our hearts go out to you and your family for the loss of your cat. As a practice of pet lovers, we understand that losing a member of the family is a very difficult situation.

We would really value the opportunity to discuss your experience with you to better understand what happened at your location.

Our client advocate team is available for you to call at 877-500-2288. Again, please accept our sympathies for your loss.


First, let me say I am SO sorry for your loss, there is nothing in the world to make you feel any better about what they did... I agree with "oral meds?", I work in a kennel (with cats/dogs/horses) and have been witness to dehydration in an older cat recently (who also passed).

The vet put him on an IV right away, and then did blood work to try to find the issue. Unfortunately, it was an apparent lung cancer and he passed several days later. I know it hurt to go through this, but by you doing this complaint I can now let my "Banfield" customers know what you went through, and what to look out for.

Our pets are our kids, and we expect the same for them as if that were "really so"... Again, I am so sorry.

And, thank you.


I'm sorry about your cat. Lost mine recently, still miss him.


Typically in vet med, oral meds are NOT prescribed for a pet who is vomiting. They wont do anything since the pet will simply vomit them up. Oral meds are usually not very effective for a dehydrated pet.

You may want to consider contacting your state board of veterinary medicine on this one...

Im sorry for your loss.

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